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Yes Sunday’s post is well delayed, and for a variety of reasons, but here it is at last. Sunday was a pleasant day, my only real plan was to try and get the three of us over to my moms house so that Olivia cold see her grandparents again, as it had been a couple of weeks, we’d missed out on visiting last week because of my mom being unwell and not wanting to pass on any germs to Olivia. The safest way to do this was make sure that Olivia had got her morning nap out of the way so she was full of energy, and make sure we’d given her lunch first. With that all done, we set off, and Olivia was in a lovely mood. Its all been a bit hit and miss lately with Olivia and the teething, our little angel that never used to cry suddenly seems to be unhappy quite a lot, especially around bed time and during the night. The daytime is still generally fine, she always has a lovely time at nursery and the staff are always saying how happy she has been, and when she is looked after by her grandmother the other three days a week, we always get good reports regardless of how little she may have eaten or slept during the day. Today was another day where she shone, she had a fantastic day with her other nan and grandad, and was loving the attention. My mom doesn’t get to see her quite as much as Clare’s mom, as they no longer have a car and its not always easy for us to get over, so its nice to see my mom so happy spending time with Olivia. Its even nicer when I can get my out and over to my house to see her instead, as the lack of car combined with arthritis make getting about quite difficult for her. Just getting the bus is a mission in itself with the walk involved getting to the bus stop, and for someone with arthritis, especially in winter, it can become quite a barrier. We had a lovely few hours, but we’d taken a gamble and pushed through Olivia’s afternoon nap time, so we knew not to stay too late. We obviously know our daughter well, as just a couple of minutes into the car ride home and she was fast asleep, which hasn’t happened since she was tiny! Thankfully this nap gave us enough opportunity to get bath time out of the way without too many complaints once we got home. I went to bed fully appreciating another lovely weekend, and decided to grab a quick snap of the christmas card that Olivia had made for us at nursery. It seems a shame to hide it away, I want everyone to see it as I am immensely proud of it, and also very proud of my daughter. This is the best card I have ever had, I will treasure it for many years to come, and it reminds me that I am a very lucky man!


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