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Its the final weekend of the term, the final weekend where I have to consider Monday morning at the end of it for a while. Saturday was most definitely a day of celebration, with two significant birthdays, a 1st birthday and a joint 40th birthday on the evening. The kind of day that Saturdays were invented for. The kind of day that makes you appreciate Monday and not hate it so much like you may do when you feel like you’ve wasted a weekend. Saturday, as it often does, started with a run around the reservoir. It should have been a 10K run, but I missed the first mile as I was late, which left me running just 5 miles, although still not a bad effort for a cold Saturday morning, more than enough to get the heart beating and blow out a few cobwebs!

Our first port of call this morning was the first birthday party of my friends little boy, it was a lovely afternoon and a very simple affair, some toys for the kids and some snacks for the adults, plus a cake with a candle for blowing out once we’d sung happy birthday to him. There is only so much you can do with a birthday party for a child who is one year old, as they don’t fully understand what is going on anyway. Recently another friend of mine hired out a soft play room for her little boys first birthday, which initially sounded like a nice idea, but in reality seemed a little pointless in the end as all the one year olds really didn’t get a great deal out of it, the equipment was all aimed at slightly older children. Still, it was a nice place to meet, and there was plenty of room for all the children to sit down and eat, but when it came to Olivia’s first birthday this is why we just wanted to do something at home. There are many, many birthdays and Christmases ahead where we can end up spending a fortune, and I don’t see the point in spending it all now!

Saturday evening was another birthday celebration, and not just one, but a joint 40th birthday party! So many of my friends all turning 40 this year, it keeps reminding me that my 40th is not far away. Now turning 30 was no real big deal for me, I handled it fine, it wasn’t too traumatic and whilst all my friends who have turned 40 this year are handling it in their own way, with most of them seeming fairly philosophical and unphased by it, I am still not sure how I feel about it happening to me! Still, I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. Tonight was about two of my friends, and it was also the marking of 6 years to the day since I first met Clare, as it was the same birthday celebration just before Christmas in 2008 where our two groups of friends first collided on the dance floor! How that night has changed my life! Here I am now, married and a father as a result of it, who’d have thought! Life does throw a few unexpected opportunities at you now and again, some you miss, and some you have to grab with both hands so as not to miss them!

The party was a lovely evening, and it was great to see so many of my friends out, as we haven’t seen a great deal of some of them this year, and thanks go to my sister for stepping in to look after Olivia while we were out. We knew there was a chance that Olivia’s teething may wake her up, and it did, but only about 10 minutes before the bar was due to close anyway, so we headed home. Olivia can be a tricky one to settle when her teeth have woken her up, so whilst my sister could keep her happy until we got home, we knew that she wouldn’t get her back to sleep. After some cuddles and kisses, we soon got her back off though.

All in all, a pretty great day and a wonderful start to the weekend. I love this time of year!

Im posting up my poll for how often you have viewed my site. If you’ve already answered, you don’t need to do it again, but if you haven’t, please do, it only takes a second!


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