As with most people, there are many things I like about Friday, but the best bit of all for me, is getting out of work a whole hour earlier than the rest of the week. I was literally geared up in my cycling clothing and pacing the floor ready to dart home as fast as my little legs would carry me, and I was stopping for nobody! I had a conversation this week with a much younger work colleague about how life has changed for me since having a child, and she just didn’t get it. The big nights out, the partying and drinking, the random spontaneous events, not having to plan things, not having to consider consequences, and the mere thought of having to sacrifice any of this seemed totally alien to her. I can see her point of view, I think many of us parents probably felt that way prior to having children, but as I tried to explain, the mere act of having children itself puts you in a different mindset, and suddenly the world looks like a different place, prior to having Olivia I had similar thoughts of what id miss out on, but you very quickly realise that you’re missing nothing as a parent, and gaining so much more!

This Friday was a single parent Friday for me, Clare was out straight from work on her works Christmas party, so I headed straight out to pick Olivia up from her nursery Christmas party. It wasn’t her normal nursery day, but all the kids could go if they were accompanied, and so Olivia’s grandparents had taken her until I could get there. She saw santa, had a present, party food, a balloon, had a dance and thoroughly lovely afternoon. We went straight from there to Asda before she was too tired to think of anything but bed, so that daddy could get some dinner and a few beers, then it was bath time, bottle and bed! I took today’s lovely photo to send to Clare as she was missing us both, while Olivia was in the bath. You don’t have to have a great camera on your to take great photos, this was just taken on the iPhone!


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