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345.365 – 20 days to go!


The one thing about this year that is going to stand out more than anything, is how fast it has flown by. While the countdown continues to the end of this years blog, we’re also counting down to christmas, which happens to be two weeks today! I’m starting to get a bit excited about it now, trees are up, the christmas songs are playing, we spent this evening writing some cards, presents have been ordered online while there is still time to have them delivered. There is still more to do, but we’re getting there. I did consider the prospect of writing cards earlier today, when I thought about how many I’d actually received already, which was a grand total of zero. Normally by now I’ve had at least one or two from the more eager, more organised of my friends, yet this year I haven’t had one. Of course I know we will get some, but I was thinking about how unimportant they seem to have become in recent years, and how we only really seem to be handing them out more out of habit and expectation than anything else. Family of course will be expecting them, and that is pretty much non-negotiable, but friends don’t seem quite so concerned by them, and work friends even less so. It may just be where I work, in a school with a huge amount of staff, some of which I have never worked with, and some I will never get to work with. There are some I pass in the corridor each day and say hello to regularly, but never end up having a full conversation with, and some who work on the other side of the school whose path never crosses mine on a daily basis. So with that many staff to consider, who do you write cards to, or not bother writing cards to, to avoid offending people? The school never used to be this big, it has grown on a giant scale since I first joined and sending cards was commonplace back then, we even had a postbox for staff to drop cards in, then we’d get the pupils to deliver them, but those days seem to have disappeared now as the school continues to grow, and more and more staff join the team, to the point that not only do we not know the names of all the new starters, even for many months after they’ve been there, but we don’t always even get to know who they are or what their role is. So my christmas card list is mostly confined to friends and family in general, although I do question how far we are from a point where we just give up sending them. Is social media taking over our greetings? I will regularly send someone my best wishes via facebook for their birthday, and this now seems perfectly normal and accepted, on top of which, I get reminders that its their birthday, and there is even a little pop up box to send a greeting in, making it actually hard to forget and over look the fact! Of course, if I don’t use facebook, then there is always the good old text message as a way of getting a greeting across, although it doesn’t always replace a card every time. In a world where we’re using less and less paper, with paperless bills, e-receipts, etc and peoples general attitude with greetings cards and their reluctance to pay ridiculous prices for them, I predict the death of the greetings card within the next ten years. It’ll happen, I’m fairly certain!

For now I am off to bed to try and get an earlier night than normal. We were up again last night with a poorly little girl full of cold, and after tonights pukefest, I am fairly sure we’ll be up again tonight. Olivia had been a bit grumpy this evening after getting home from a lovely day at nursery, and so I decided to get her ready for bed and give her a bottle of milk ready to take her up early… the bottle was barely empty before she sat up and decided to suddenly throw it all back up all over me, herself and the sofa. I don’t think I’ve done too bad, 15 months without any major puke incidents, but it all came to an end today. Thankfully our decision to put laminate flooring down, rather than a carpet suddenly made sense, and with Olivia stripped down to her vest and me stripped down to underwear, it was time to start the clean up operation and also console a poor little Olivia who was a bit upset as she didn’t quite know what had actually just hit her! With a fresh change of clothes for us both, and Olivia no longer upset, it was finally time for her to get some sleep. Poor little thing, I hope our baby sleeps well tonight, its the nursery christmas party tomorrow and although its not a nursery day, if she’s okay then its likely Clares mom will be taking her down to the party for a bit. It’d be a shame if she missed it!

I am also going to ask for a favour from anyone reading this, its the same survey as yesterday, so if you’ve already answered it then you don’t need to answer it again, but I just want to get a taste of how often people are reading this blog so I can work out how I am going to attack it next year when I review the frequency of my posts.


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