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I’m going to start todays blog post off with something a little bit different, so if you’ve taken the time to stop by and have a look at todays ramblings, then I’d really appreciate it if you took a couple of seconds longer just to click on this survey for me, it’ll give me a better idea of what I am looking at with next years blog. There is no point doing this every single day if people are only dipping in and out once a month! I would really love to do another daily blog again, it has been interesting for me in the thoughts the just spew out of my head sometimes, but it has been a tough at times to try and get it done every day, and sometimes I do even get bored of listening to myself, but I made a commitment to myself to get a post done for each day, and now with just a matter of days left to the end of the year, I am too close to give up!

So here we are a third of the way into December, with the end of term fast approaching, and the end of the year not far behind it, and what a year it has been. I have never failed to be amazed every single day at watching my little princess growing up and changing in so many different ways, and hoping I have managed to catch some of the best bits on here and in photo. The photos, so many photos! It has been quite a challenge to keep on top of those, and there has even been the risk of simply taking too many, I think. There are not a huge number of me as a baby and especially when I was growing up, but each one is worth so much more to me as a result, and I pretty much know all the photos I have of me as a child, I have seen all of them and remember pretty much every one of them. I think my mission over the next year will be to try and weed out the duplicates and rubbish photos of Olivia, to make sure that only the best are kept. Easier said than done, especially for someone like me!


While I have been trying to be mindful of not permanently having a camera pointed at Olivia, I have made an effort to try and capture at least one photo per day of her. This hasn’t worked every day, and some days I may take a lot more than just the one, but I want to see the the changes when I put them all together, as I still intend to. In fact, I wanted to get a photo book printed with photos up to 12 months old, and call it “My First Year”. I still fully intend to get this done as soon as I can. If it’s not done by the end of the year, then it’ll be on my new years resolution list!

That’s a good point, the new years resolution list, something I haven’t given much thought to in recent years. But what to resolve… I don’t smoke, I don’t really drink enough to warrant giving up, I am already quite fit and exercise regularly. I guess one of my worst problems is getting to bed at a sensible time, THAT has got to change! Those early mornings do not get any easier, and they’re especially horrible over the winter when the sun still hasn’t come up properly! On top of which, we have a little girl who is teething, and has been for a couple of months now, and we’re probably getting only two or three nights a week where she sleeps through. Going to bed at the last possible minute, and still not having enough sleep even if I don’t get woken up by her, isn’t a good way to start the day, especially if she does actually wake up and I end up missing out even more on some vital sleep time trying to get her back to sleep! Sleep is so important, and I know this, yet I do so little to make sure that I get enough. Without it the brain can’t process the days events efficiently, and it becomes confused and can make you become forgetful, accident prone, and even a bit depressed. So why am I so late to bed all the time? Well, I can’t lie, this blog has been one of the causes! Has it been worth it? Yeah, for sure, I’ve actually enjoyed this, it has been quite therapeutic in some ways, although I do have to be mindful of my audience and not just spout out the first things that come into my brain, as you never know how is reading, literally. A while back I did half mention the fact that someone at work had irritated me one day, and even though I hadn’t named any names at the time, was tipped off that they were not happy about it! Needless to say that post was quickly edited as I had the app on my phone on hand to access the post and address the issue. I didn’t make that mistake twice, lets just say a lesson in blogging well and truly learnt! Some people approach the internet with varying degrees of caution, I see a number of blogs where nobody is named at all, often in story telling initials are just used, and some people do it better than others, but I personally don’t see the harm in first names, as generally I am relaying the story of a nice day or how much I’ve enjoyed someones company. First names are no security risk in my opinion, bank details will remain safe, no wars will start and no-ones house will be broken into as a result of me using first names in my blog, so I really don’t see the problem. Here I am at the end of year two and no-one has complained so far, so I must be doing okay. Although I imagine that 95% of my friends still have no idea that I actually have this blog, which I guess is part of the reason for todays poll, just to get a taste of how much of this actually gets read at all. Would I still do it if I thought no-one was actually reading? Hmm maybe, although I probably wouldn’t make it public and the content would be a lot more unfiltered!


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