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It’s a nervous time at the moment, a rather in expected grading session during my jujitsu training session tonight. We’d been warned that we’d be graded for our next belt next Tuesday, but our Sensei decided to catch us off guard and spring it on us a week early. I was completely not expecting it and felt totally unprepared. Okay, so you might say that four years of training is preparation enough, but as the months go by the training gets a bit harder and a bit more detailed, just knowing the moves isn’t enough, getting the foot work right and perfecting the technique all become very important now, and we have so many techniques to practise that it could be weeks or sometimes even months between practising it once and then getting round to doing it again! It turned out that although it was a long way from great, the session didn’t actually go too badly, but it did have me feeling quite nervous. In reality there is little to be nervous about really, there would be other chances if I didn’t pass on this grading, but it is the brown belt that I’m going for, which is one below black, so it’s a fairly big deal, and the Sensei is one person you don’t want to upset! Our sensei likes to grade everyone on the same night and so those who don’t pass are likely to hold up the process for the others, this week we started our grading, and it will be concluded next week, so thankfully, unlike an exam, it doesn’t just come down to one session, on top of which our sensei has probably been watching us for the last few weeks, and we also have to consider attitude. Having the ability isn’t enough to go up to the next belt without the right attitude, attending every week, and being respectful to everyone especially the sensei count for just as much as getting the actual techniques right! You have to earn your belt through many factors and people have been denied a belt on attitude alone!

The distance and time of my jujitsu class means that I don’t eat dinner until I get home from training, which is usually just after half eight in the evening, and so I am more than ready to tuck into something tasty at that point, and for the last few weeks I have also been able to enjoy a bit of tv with my food, as I have been following the BBC series The Missing about a child abduction. It’s not often I find something to watch on tv, and thankfully I’ve been able to catch every episode, although next week it comes to its conclusion, which leaves me a little sad, although I can’t see how everything that’s happened on it so far can all come together in just one episode! I’ll be watching intently next week, hopefully clutching my new brown belt!


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