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Monday morning never seems quite so difficult when you enjoy the weekend as much as I’ve enjoyed this weekend just gone. December is well and truly here, and finally starting to feel like winter now as the Mercury starts to drop in the thermometers and the icy mornings start to make a regular appearance. And with us being over a week into December it is no longer frowned upon by the more disorganised amongst us to talk about Christmas, presents, cards and plans for christmas lunch. In fact, if anything, I’m starting to feel under pressure a bit, the cards I wanted to have written by the start of December still haven’t been done, and even though I started my shopping much earlier than usual, I still haven’t got everything! At least the turkey is in the freezer ready to go and our slot is booked for the asda shopping delivery on Christmas week, which is great as this Thursday marks just two weeks until Christmas!

Today’s photo was simple, Clare thought we should get a shot with both the new window lights and the tree in, and although I initially took the shot outside, the house looked completely orange thanks to the sodium street lights, which tend to ruin a lot of my outdoor photos! So instead I took this shot indoors, as it seemed to work best. I am very pleased with our new window lights, Clare was a little more skeptical, thinking it would look tacky and cheesy, but I persisted, and now I think I’ve converted her too!


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