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Saturday was the quiet day that I don’t really want at the weekend, I like to think I have made the most of the 48 hours I have away from work, and by lunch time on Saturday I already felt like I had wasted a morning. I had originally thought about visiting either my mom or my nan, so either of them could see Olivia, but the previous nights teething had made me think twice about me visiting my nan, who might struggle with Olivia’s inevitable whinging and moaning if she was tired or grumpy. I really wanted to get out and was keen for Olivia to see family, but apparently my mom was full of germs this particular weekend and it was the risk of taking Olivia and hoping she didn’t pick anything up, or save it for another weekend. The latter idea seemed to make a bit more sense.

Eventually as the afternoon rolled on, I’d had enough, and decided that we were going out, even if it was just to the shops to look at more christmas lights. The journey proved to be a success and I was pleased that we found the perfect lights, which went straight up in the living room window and looked great!

The next phase of our christmas plan was to dig out the christmas tree from the loft, and the other assorted decorations to go with it, with todays photo representing the climb up into the loft. With everything out, we’re ready to start the decorations on Sunday straight after the german market!

My only other commitment was to head out into Moseley to meet a friend at a pub with a few other friends, ready to celebrate her 40th birthday. The evening was a success and the venue a great choice, I do love the Moseley scene, its very laid back and eclectic, although even with that diverse, unique look to them, some people still look to me like they’re trying too hard to be a bit different! But it’s all good, it feels a little bit like London on a tiny scale!


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