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The end of another week with just two more left now before finishing work for the holidays. Its all starting to feel a bit more festive now, Christmas music is on wherever we go and the tree will be going up this weekend, which makes it a slightly nervous time for parents with a toddler who’s on the move! I’d like to think she’ll actually be walking by christmas, but there’s no rushing her, she start walking when she starts walking!

Friday night is the perfect excuse (and we don’t need many!) for a takeaway and even a few drinks, especially in front of a good film, and tonight the wife had chosen a good one, . Although this evenings film was interrupted by a knock on the window, as my friend Dave turned up to walk up to the local pub for a couple of hours. I was expecting Clare to watch the rest of the film while I was out, but in fact she took the opportunity to get an early night, as there have been many nights of broken sleep in the last few weeks with a teething toddler, and tonight was going to prove to be no exception!

We also had some good news today, and starting next week, Clare’s hours are going to be adjusted at work meaning she gets to take a slightly shorter lunch and finish earlier as a result. Now, half an hour may not sound like a lot, but when you throw rush hour traffic into the mix, it can potentially mean getting home a whole hour or more earlier, given that the traffic should be a bit lighter before 5pm, which seemed fitting considering that it took Clare a full hour and a half to make the 6 mile journey home by bus tonight, meaning she didn’t walk in until 6:30pm, which just isn’t right, considering Olivia is due in bed by 7:30pm and isn’t very good at staying up past her bedtime! Only an hour with your daughter is pretty harsh, and if it was a regular thing it would be a very depressing thought, although thankfully this is a rather rare occurrence, and usually she is home much earlier than this. I’m looking forward to monday night to see what kind of a difference her leaving early actually makes.

Another thing I’ve been wanting to do fora little while is having a bit of a facebook clearout. It has been long overdue and I tend to hang on to “friends” that I don’t really speak to much, just in case they happened to want a photographer at some point, say if they announce that they have got engaged, or had a baby. While I can’t deny that a few people have popped up here and there, and it has been lovely to catch up with them, I think its good to do a bit of spring cleaning once in a while, get rid of all the deadwood. I love the idea behind facebook, but think at can be used in so many different ways by different people, depending on what they want to get out of it. I love to see my friends photos, and be reminded of their birthdays, and to see what they are doing with their lives, and also to share what I’ve been doing with them too. Then we have those friends, you know the ones, the friends who just send one game request after another, no matter how clear you make it (indirectly, of course) that you don’t play games, nor appreciate the relentless game requests, to the point that it makes you wonder if they’ve ever even read your status to know that their requests are very much not required! Then we have those other friends, you know the ones, who put up the obscure, attention seeking, confusing sentences that make no sense to anyone other than the person who wrote it, almost begging for people to ask “whats wrong?”. Then there are those who are never, ever positive, yes those! Every single status update seems to be negative, the whole “why is life so sh*t to me?” kind of update, and/or airing their dirty laundry in public. When I say I like to keep up with my friends and what they are doing, I don’t mean in the sense of what a b*stard she thinks her boyfriend is, or their passive/aggressive remarks about how someone has been slagging them off and “better mind their own business or come and talk to me face to face” without actually naming anyone in the status. Not forgetting the status update that is nothing more than swear words, so that if you don’t ask them, you’ll never know what it means. Then of course there are those people who add you, who you barely know, and perhaps have only passed once in the corridor at work, yet you feel some moral obligation to accept them, and even after you do there is no further acknowledgement, or any online interaction with them. No likes on a photo, or best wishes on a birthday. Kinda makes you wonder why they bothered in the first place! So yeah, all of the above, they’re on the hit list!


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