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Well, thats the bulk of the week over and done with, just one day left before the weekend. Its a bit of a busy weekend ahead of us, with plenty of christmas festivities in store, lots to look forward to.

It has been a pleasant day, and the weather at the moment, although significantly colder than recent weeks, is dry and makes for some lovely cycling into and out of work. If it can stay this dry for the next two weeks, regardless of how cold it gets, then I’ll be quite happy. The cold really doesn’t bother me one bit, although I do need to consider the possibility of investing in some winter tyres for the bike to keep my ass off the tarmac on the days where the temperature drops below zero! Just 11 more days at work before kicking back for the holidays, and although we have to make plans for cards, presents and visiting people, I also want to plan for christmas day itself to make sure there are plenty of food and drinks available for our guests and anyone that drops by. I’m not sure we’ll actually be expecting anyone, as generally everyone I know will already have made plans for the day, but anyone is welcome, and it would be nice to see people drop by. In previous years I have caught up with friends on christmas night, but this was before pretty much any of us had kids to worry about. Life is very different now, and although Olivia doesn’t fully understand it, she soon will and it we’ll be mostly focusing on presents, how to put them together, why we didn’t buy enough batteries, oh and the story of father christmas.

Today was another nursery day for Olivia, and of course a day I look forward to, as I get to race home and quickly get changed before heading out to pick her up. There is no other feeling like walking in and seeing that face and the sudden realisation from her that daddy is here and its time to go home! I’ve got into a bit of a bad habit where, because its less than a five minute walk home from the nursery, I tend to push the buggy with one hand and carry Olivia with the other. Its not really something I wanted to get her used to, but the way I see it, she’s spent the entire day in the nursery with neither of us there, which is an even longer day than I’ve spent at work, and the least I can do is give my little lady lots of cuddles! The only real issue I guess, is that she is getting heavier and heavier all the time, but in reality, by the time she gets much heavier, she’ll be walking anyway! Speaking of which, I did have a little bet on with Clare that Olivia would be walking by the end of November, but that’s totally fallen apart as November has been and gone and Olivia is still showing little sign of walking anywhere. She is happily using her walker to get around, and has even gone on short walks just holding on to one hand now, rather than refusing to walk unless she was holding on with two hands, so we are making progress. I am also well aware that there may not even be any real signs, she could just start walking one day. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this happens before christmas, and ESPECIALLY while I am off work. Clare and me have both agreed that it doesn’t matter which parent it happens in front of first, but we will both be gutted if her first steps are at nursery, and not at home! I know the odds are not really stacked in our favour, but while there is still a chance, we’ll keep our fingers crossed!


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