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It’s three weeks to Christmas Eve, where have the last few weeks gone? I was all about being prepared this year, and now the clock is really ticking, I’m only partly prepared and it’s time for actually doing something about it… more action and less talking! The main problem is going to be finding the time to catch up with everyone once we have cards and gifts for them all wrapped and ready to go. Still, I have two weeks off work and a toddler to entertain, so I’m sure we can make some use of that time with visiting a few friends and family! One thing I love about this time of year is getting out and seeing people I haven’t seen for far too long, christmas makes a great excuse. There are plenty of people I want to catch up with, and for me christmas is all about people. Presents are nice, and obviously a huge part of the festive season, but I love to see people, have people round to visit, cook for people, and be spending time with everyone I care about. Good food, good drink, good friends, what more is there to the festive season… oh besides all the religious stuff?!

As is typical for Wednesday night, it was time to catch up with friends again. Wednesday nights have seen many changes over the years, from the (very) drunken nights out on Broad St with the 2 for 1 drinks offers, to four of us meeting up for weekly runs around the park, to taking turns cooking dinner each week for the group, to what is now just the three of us, where two of us are parents and the third is about to become a parent in the next few days. How will a new baby affect our Wednesday nights in the long term? Are we going to see the end of our weekly meet ups, or are they just going to become less regular? There has been four of us for a number of years now, and more recently the number went down to three of us, could it soon just become two? I certainly hope not, this mid week tradition has been a little something to look forward to, especially in recent years where our nights out up town have become few and far between to say the least. Times, they are a changin’ and various factors seem to have meant that we don’t see quite so many crazy nights in the late night bars and clubs, trying to remember exactly what happened after we started hitting the sambucca. So for me, having just a couple of hours a week to catch up over a coffee and chew the fat has been nice, as often it might be the only chance I get to go out as most weekends I don’t even make it as far as the local pub. There’s only one friend who lives close enough to make it to the local, and he isn’t always free on the same nights as me. Still, I wish my mate luck on his journey into parenthood, and I still remember that very moment when a tiny little baby just a minute old was placed into my arms, and my brain went into total shock. I am certainly looking forward to the feeling of holding my second baby in my arms when the time rolls around, but nothing can replace that feeling of becoming a parent for the first time and trying to get your head around whats just happened as you find this little bundle of responsibility in your arms that is totally helpless, completely yours and totally reliant on you for survival and eventually guidance through life. The other point to be considered is that I think this pretty much brings to a close all of my friends who haven’t had a baby yet, at least those who actually wanted one anyway. I think thats fairly significant, life has changed for not just a few of us, but all of us now! If that is the case, then what does the next chapter hold?


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