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It’s at this time of the year, with only 22 days left until Christmas Eve, that I like to start looking back on the year, to reflect on what’s gone well and what hasn’t gone so well, looking at what we’ve accomplished, and what is yet to be done. I don’t know about other people, but for me that would normally be a bit of a tricky one, I’m not even sure what I did last week, let alone back in January or February. Thankfully I have the benefit of having this blog to review, which has been filled in literally every day of this year since January 1st. It’s true that some of the photos haven’t always been massively inspiring, but I still forced myself to take one every day all the same, just to make sure I was keeping my hand it in, and keeping my mind looking for new things to photograph and focused on the mindset of photography, which is important when you’re not full time, as it could be a number of months between weddings, especially over the winter, and like most things, if you don’t stay fresh you’ll start falling behind! One thing that has changed slightly is the fact that I don’t keep a camera on me all the time while I’m out in the last couple of months. Yes I do have one most of the time, but just not 100% of the time like I did last year! It clearly makes a difference in the amount of photos I take and how many opportunities I have, as I am not getting home until well after sunset when it’s dark outside, and not suitable for taking many photos. I know that when it’s dark I could always do some long exposure night photography… but on a pretty standard cul-de-sac somewhere on the outskirts of Birmingham, the scenery is not especially exciting!

Today has proved especially challenging for a photo, especially given the amount of free time I’ve had. Tuesdays are generally a busy evening for me anyway. I’m home by 5:15pm and back out of the front door again by 5:20pm after I have dumped my bike and got changed, ready for the walk to pick Olivia up from nursery. I’ll generally be home by 5:50pm with a very tired little lady, who, after a full day at nursery, just wants some cuddles in front of the tv! By 6:20pm, after being unable to do very little with a very tired little girl sat on my lap with her thumb in her mouth, I have to be back out and this time in the car to head out to my weekly jujitsu lesson, where I will get home by 8:45pm providing I don’t have to stop off at the supermarket on the way home. In recent weeks, my return home has been immediately followed by a bit of tv for myself, yes I have actually found a programme that I want to watch amongst all the mindless drivel and celebrity nonsense that is clogging up our tv’s at the moment! I have become quite a fan of The Missing, a story about a young boy who is abducted on holiday in France with his parents, and their story of how they deal with it. Its not often I find anything I like to watch on tv (remind me again why I am giving £60 a month to Sky?!) so its a pleasant surprise to have something I can get my teeth into. Clare hasn’t been quite so excited about it, but she doesn’t complain when I get in and immediately want to turn the tv over, as she knows how little I actually ask to watch on the tv. Yeah sure I may complain when she sticks one soap opera on after another, or if she is going to make me tolerate X Factor on a Saturday night when we should be enjoying a film, but I wouldn’t actually stop her from watching it, I’d just “Harumph!” at her and go and find something else to do while it was on!

Its another late night to bed for me, and I have chores that need doing before I can crawl into bed and turn off my light, so I am really, really hoping that Olivia sleeps through tonight, although there is no guarantee, and with recent trends it would seem that the odds are not quite in our favour. It may happen, but all we can do is keep our fingers crossed and hope we make it through to morning without being woken up. Whilst cuddles with our little lady are wonderful at any time of day or night, even at 4am, they are so much more appreciated if we’re both fully rested from sleeping all night through!

On unrelated news, the android vs iPhone debate is still raging on inside my own head. With my contract renewal coming up in February I am still stuck on deciding between the shiny, sleek iPhone 6 plus or the LG G3 android phone with the same display size. Now the LG is a truly beautiful phone, its customisable and has a removable battery, but after watching some reviews I can’t really see enough difference in pros and cons between the two phones to pull away from to pull me away from the sensible and practical iPhone 6 Plus which does everything I need it to, as well as connecting to various devices around the home such as the Apple TV etc. I am still torn and I have a while left to think about it, but its not a clear cut race, although that said, I am still inching towards the iPhone!


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