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Saturdays 40th birthday celebrations proved to be a fun night, we haven’t been out properly as a group in quite a number of months now, and although not everyone could make it, it was good to catch up with people. It did mean that Sunday mornings run was a real test of willpower and determination, I was feeling less than fresh when I woke up. This is when having a running partner becomes especially useful, as there isn’t a single doubt in my mind that I’d have done all I could to stay in bed all morning if I hadn’t arranged this run. Having someone to meet, who will be waiting for me to turn up, means that I have to push myself to get out of the house, regardless of how I’m feeling. Today I wasn’t feeling great, I’d mixed a few drinks at the party and not slept for anywhere near long enough, but like it or not, I was heading off out for a run.

It was a beautiful morning to be up and out at the reservoir, the sort of morning that you hope for each time you go out for a run, it was perfect. The sky was blue, the temperature was cool enough to stop us getting too warm and it was dry. I knew this run would be exactly what I needed to clear my head, and as we set off and started putting a few miles behind us, I could feel myself starting to feel better and better, the power of running was having the desired effect.

After a run and a nice hot shower we were almost ready to head out to visit our good friends Kat & Andy for lunch. We were a little late arriving with Olivia taking a late nap after being up last night yet again, but it was a lovely afternoon, with some lovely food and its just a shame that they don’t live slightly closer, as it would be nice to see more of them. I do miss our boozy takeaway evenings that have since become a thing of the past after Olivia turned up and so did their second child. They have the most awesome indian restaurant near them, which we enjoyed going to numerous times, and I look forward to visiting again sometime soon!

We were home in time for a loaf of fresh bread to come out of the bread machine, the house smelt lovely when we walked in! We also had to skip Olivia’s bath night as she was just far too tired. She’d only had a very brief afternoon nap while we were out, and there was no keeping this little girl up past her bedtime!

One significant thing did come from our Sunday visit, and that is me revisiting my thoughts about upgrade time for my phone. My contract allows me to upgrade to a new handset from February, and I have been a bit convert and fan of apple since getting my very first iPhone 3GS back in 2009. It was an exciting time and this little magic thing in the palm of my hand could do quite literally anything! The iPhone had changed everything, and the world was suddenly a different place. Other big companies were working hard to catch up and build something that would rival this magical device, and very slowly they have been catching up and now many are arguing that they have overtaken the beloved iPhone, that was until the latest release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. So now I am faced with a dilemma, do I invest in another expensive iPhone and tie myself into another 2 year contract, limiting myself to the operating system that Apple have decided I will use, and not be allowed to change in anyway, shape, or form… or do I look into Andy’s phone, the very sleek and beautiful LG G3 which has the large screen size I want, its fully customisable, its expandable thanks to a micro SD card slot, removable battery, its a fraction of the price of the iPhone, it has wireless charging, I can buy it outright and bring my monthly bill down on a SIM only contract and a whole bunch of other benefits. Or, if I stick with the iPhone, and pick up the 6 Plus then things are very simple, I can copy all my data from my old phone to the new one just by plugging it into my laptop, I can use it with my Apple tv and my MacBook and all of it works together perfectly. Oh the dilemma!


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