Its fair to say that christmas is well and truly out of the way now, and the focus is firmly on the new year. We have our plans for new years eve set out, although I cant currently say much at the moment on here, as although I doubt the person involved even reads this… Continue reading 363.365

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Half way through my week off already, how fast these holidays go! After taking a couple of weeks off the cycling and the running to rest my lungs a bit, in an attempt to clear this pesky cough that would not disappear, I decided that I was tired of eating like some kind of food… Continue reading 362.365

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The holidays have proved to be quite busy so far, and today certainly didn't prove to be any different, it was the 21st birthday celebrations of my cousin, a family gathering at my aunt and uncles house, and it was looking like we expected most of the family to make it. Over the years we… Continue reading 361.365

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Boxing Day, a day that everyone in the UK celebrates, its a day off work, so why wouldn't they?! But no one actually knows why it has this name, or what boxing day is even all about. Why is it called Boxing Day? Why are there so many different theories, and no one likely scenario?… Continue reading 360.365

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A very merry christmas to everyone who is reading this! Its Christmas day 2014 and although there is no snow and its not very white outside at all, it is still a day to celebrate and we even get to start the day with a little bit of a lie in.... well, I say a… Continue reading 359.365

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A day of panic for some, of thankful relaxation for others, and speed wrapping for parents, Christmas Eve arrives and today we have a very specific agenda, squeezing in a few of our lovely friends along the way. Sadly Olivia and myself had to watch Clare disappear off to work, although happy in the knowledge… Continue reading 358.365

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Christmas eve eve gave us the dilemma of whether or not to pack Olivia off to nursery for the day, and as it turned out she slept much better, her temperature had come down and she seemed much happier, so it was a fairly easy decision. I had no real reason to try to free… Continue reading 357.365

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The first day of the Christmas holidays, spent at home with my little girl. It was always going to be a day of not going very far, when unlike her normal waking up time of around 7am, today she doesn't wake up until 11am! This is unheard of, but merely reflects the kind of night… Continue reading 356.365

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Sunday started with a bit of urgency as we'd had another bad night with Olivia and were all very tired. Yet again she'd woken up with a temperature very close to 40Âșc and covered in snot! It was all we could do to clean her up and cool her down. The temptation is to take… Continue reading 355.365

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Saturday morning is normally that time of the week whenI head off out for a six mile run, only this week I have cancelled all running activity. With my chest still bad, and this coughing not cleared up yet, it didn't make sense, besides, we have plenty to do this weekend and I could do… Continue reading 354.365