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Todays plans to get out and do something were hampered yet again by that pesky teething problem. Yet again Olivia had been up in the night, and had taken a while to settle and so was a bit tired and pale today, needing lots of sleep to catch up at nap time. By the time we had got naps and lunch out of the way there wasn’t much time left before we were due to go to my sisters anyway, so we kinda gave up on doing much before that.

My sister had originally agreed to baby sit for us tonight as we were planning on going to the surprise 40th birthday party of my friend, but with Olivia teething and being up and down so much all week, there was no guarantee she’d sleep properly after we went out, so Clare, still not feeling great herself anyway, decided that she wasn’t going to come to the party. It came as no surprise really, as we’d known all week that this would be a possibility. I know how keen my sister always is to see Olivia though, so we decided to visit her so she could still see Olivia, she had agreed to give up her Saturday evening after all. Going to my sisters also served a second purpose, as the 40th birthday party was actually only 5 minutes from her flat and it meant that if Clare dropped me off at the party before heading home, then it would save me a taxi fare, and throwing money at taxis is something I never enjoy doing.I rarely get black cabs as they always seem far more expensive, and although the private hire taxis seem a slightly cheaper alternative, I feel like I always have to be on my guard to make sure they’re not ripping me off. Their prices always seem to fluctuate for the same journey, and also depending on how much you’ve had to drink! If they think they can get away with charging the drunk guy a bit extra as they think he won’t notice, then they’ll give it a go! It is quite handy though when, on asking how much we owe at the end of a journey, they ask “how much do you usually pay?”, it always feels like an opportunity to get one back on them, whilst in my head I’m looking like some kind of cartoon villain rubbing my hands together and and smiling with an evil bad guy kind of grin. Its a very careful balance of chancing how much you can get away with, without them refusing and demanding much more than that anyway!

We had a lovely couple of hours at my sisters, before we left and I was dropped at the party. Clare had her wine, pizza and X Factor, which she was more than happy with for a Saturday night especially as I tend to refuse such tv drivel when I am in at the weekend. I’d sooner sell the tv than have to sit through all the X Factor, Celebrity jungles and Gogglebox rubbish thats literally melting peoples brains at the moment! It feels like we have taken a step backwards in the evolution of mankind with this kind of garbage on tv! If anyone hasn’t yet seen the film Idiocracy, then I’d suggest watching it, and you’ll see what I mean! Going back just over 10 years we saw the introduction of reality tv with Big Brother hitting our screens, and whatever your opinions of Big Brother, it did well and made a number of people very famous indeed. It also spawned a new era of television with more and more reality shows popping up, and ramped up the publics weird obsession with celebrities taking on various challenges or competitions or vote-me-off programmes. Personally it baffles me that anyone even takes this stuff seriously, yet my own wife is hooked on this stuff. Maybe it’s just me, but I just don’t get it! I know its going to make me sound old, but tv really was better when there was just four channels! There was definitely more thought given to what was actually put on air, whereas now it seems that all you need is a camcorder and a word in the ear of the right person! Look at me, on another rant about how desperate tv has become, I mean to be fair its not all bad. Having so many channels increases the amount of truly awful stuff that we can now sit and watch while our brains turn into mush, but it also means that once in a while you find a little gem out there. So what makes me sit down and actually watch tv for a while, well I personally believe that tv was invented purely for Family Guy to be aired, everything else is just a bonus. I’ve enjoyed a few series such as 24, Heroes, and Prison Break and you can’t beat a bit of good guys catching the bad guys in Road Wars! Anything with the word “celebrity” in the title, requires people to be voted off, or is deemed a “talent” show (if you can is generally never going to be on the tv when I am sat in front of it! Still, while people continue to watch it, they will continue to make it!


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