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When you look forward to a Friday and it doesn’t quite work out how you expected… sigh!

The plan was perfectly simple, put the little lady to bed and then sit down for a delicious dinner with the wife, before a trip to the supermarket for wine, beer and snacks, and then both of us sitting down to a good film. Dinner was a success, although I wanted to get some music playing through the tv while we sat and ate, rather than have something actually on the tv that would be too distracting, as its nice to sit down and talk when you’re eating, and a bit of background music would have been nice. I was having an issue with technology this evening though, it did not want to play ball. I gave up and we moved on to trying to find a film to watch. Oh dear, this was a bit of an oversight, and something we should have looked at earlier. There was simply nothing that inspired us whatsoever. We went through the entire dvd/blu-ray collection, and couldn’t find anything that jumped out at us. We sat and went through Sky Box Office and couldn’t find anything we wanted to rent. We went through Netflix, and felt even more deflated as I am paying to watch movies on demand from them and couldn’t find a single film that we wanted to watch together, in fact I’d say that 60% of the films on there I hadn’t even heard of! Netflix really need to sort it out, or I’ll definitely be cancelling my subscription. I mean, yes I know £6 a month isn’t much, but when you sit down on a Friday evening with your film and can’t even find ONE film you may want to watch, then what is the point? They have had some good films on there previously, and then due to licensing issues, they have pulled down hundreds of titles from their catalogue. I even had a free trial of Amazon Prime a couple of months ago, and as they had taken over LoveFilm I thought they may have a better catalogue of films. That was also a little disappointing, and even more so when we found a film to watch and I end up getting charged for it, as it turns out that not all the films are free! Fair play to Amazon for their amazing customer service and refunding me straight away, although needless to say I didn’t take up the Prime membership after the trial.

I just have to ask myself, how hard is it to find a decent film to watch on a Friday night? It felt like a mission impossible last night. In the end we settled on a film neither of us knew much about, that was part of a Danny Boyle boxset, it was called Sunshine, about a mission to send a nuclear bomb into space to reignite a dying sun. Sounded right up my street, and Clare was even keen to give it a go.

Worst film ever!

1hr 40mins of my life I will never get back!

Up to half an hour in and we were both a bit confused, I was going to change it, but Clare was tired and looking to go to bed early anyway, so I figured that I would persist and see the film through to the end as the reviews weren’t that bad on Imdb. The end was just as disappointing as the rest of the film. I can safely say that it is one film I will never be watching again.

I was going to stick on another film after that, one that was easy to find as it was just for me. Clare had gone to bed, and the challenge of finding a film we’d both like was no longer an issue. I thought I’d give the new Robocop film a chance… that was until Olivia decided to wake up.

After a fantastic night of sleep the night before, I thought the teething issue may have been subsiding and we could get back to normal sleep, which just goes to show how unpredictable toddlers can be. I tried to settle Olivia with all the usual tactics, clean nappy, drink of water, a dose of calpol, some cuddles. and even though she went back down, it lasted all of 10 minutes before she was up and making noise again. This went on all the way through to 1:40am whenI decided that Robocop was not going to happen, and neither was my last bottle of beer, and this blog was certainly out of the question! I may have cancelled my Saturday morning run, but I was still going to be tired in the morning!

Oh well, I love my little princess, and wouldn’t change her for the world. Nights like this are just one of those unavoidable things in the long process of bringing up a child. There will be other nights the same, and there will be harder nights than this to come, but they are par for the course. You can’t appreciate the good days quite as much without days like this.


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