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I have been sat with the computer in front of me most of the evening and still managed to leave it to the last minute to type anything on here!

Teething has reached a climax now and our poor little lady has had a full night of misery. We took in in turns to get up to her and spend time with her. There was no quick fix, and there wasn’t much we could do that seemed to help her. She was in a lot of discomfort with her big back teeth coming through, and all we could do was keep her cool, make sure she had enough water to drink and give her cuddles to reassure her. Eventually Clare had to miss a day of work as she was feeling tough anyway, so it seemed to make sense at this point to leave her to look after Olivia as I needed to at least get a few hours shut eye if I was going to be going into work. I’d already been up for a while with her and done my bit, but it soon became clear that sleep was going to be a bit of a luxury and we were trying to keep Olivia comfortable and relaxed rather than getting her back to sleep. When I left for work Olivia went back down for a nap, and Clare took the opportunity to catch up on a bit of sleep herself. By all accounts they spent most of the rest of the day cuddled up on the sofa in front of the tv, which at least meant that Olivia wasn’t crying any more. I kept checking in with text messages throughout the day, and was at least pleased to hear that Olivia had started to find a little more energy in the afternoon, even though she’d barely eaten a scrap of food all day! Leaving work isn’t a quick affair for me when I am cycling, as I have to get changed into my cycling gear, make sure my backpack is packed properly, and then unlock my bike and lock the gates behind me before I can head off on my journey. Tonight I was ready to go, changed and loitering by the door ready to bolt as soon as it was time to leave, I wasn’t hanging around. By the time I got back I could see that dinner was already in the oven, and so I took over looking after Olivia while Clare carried on with serving dinner up. I think she was just a bit glad, by this point, to be able to hand a whingy baby over to someone else, and distract herself with some cooking!

I’m not going to drag this blog out tonight, there is plenty I can type and I’d love to write more, but its getting late and I am already tired after last nights episode with Olivia, especially considering that I can’t rule out more of the same tonight! Todays photo is a similar shot to yesterday, I had left the flash on, and the lightsphere, and my trusty 50mm lens on that creates that beautiful out of focus are behind Olivia. I couldn’t resist, especially with her crazy hair, which always makes me smile. Clare always wanted a baby with curly hair, and we got one! Some of our friends have babies that are now over a year old and still almost bald. Thankfully there appears to be a fairly strong gene on my side of the family that keeps my hair curly, and seems to have passed down on to Olivia. I know that she’ll still hate her hair as she grows up, she’ll curse not being able to do anything with it if its all straight and a bit limp, but then if it ends up being curly and wild she’ll still curse it equally as much, and she’ll convince herself that she can’t do a thing with it and that just attempting to straighten it will be a long slow process. In the meantime, while she doesn’t complain about hair, mommy and daddy love her curls!


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