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Decided to try something a bit different with todays photo, as I grabbed a couple of shots of Olivia I realised the lamp light wasn’t going to be enough, and using the flash from the camera would just create an effect I’ve already used countless times, so I decided to add my Gary Fong Lightsphere attachment, otherwise known as the Fong Dong, to my flash to spray the light around the room a bit, as it doesn’t get much use these days. There has also been an element of Photoshop been used to play with the contrast and colours, in case you couldn’t tell, in the form of a bunch of presets known as Totally Rad Actions. An ‘action’ is a sequence of preset adjustments used to create a specific effect, these can be varied in intensity and combined to create new and unique effects. Basically they save me many hours of trying to modify photos, which was key to me when I started my 365 journey. A photo a day is one thing if it takes you 5 minutes, its another if it takes you an hour to edit the photo to create a specific effect. I have no objection to actually learning photoshop, in fact I think its the right way to do things, but when I am covering a different photo every single day, and creating many different effects, you can only learn so many tricks. There are some that I have done the hard way, and only actually ended up using once and then promptly forgot how to do them again, which questions the value of learning it in the first place. Still, this 365 journey has been fun, even for the second year, and even considering how I have struggled for inspiration and images on some days. The persistence has paid off though as I am about to enter my final month of the year now, we are just a few days away from December, and it is nice to look back on all the images.

I think I will definitely be doing a review of the years photos on New Years Eve, especially as I very much doubt we will end up going anywhere again. I think it might be a while before we see much NYE action as a number of our friends have babies, toddlers or small children at the moment. I am much more of a fan of New Years Eve than Clare is anyway, she doesn’t see the point or get remotely excited about it, whereas I have always loved New Years Eve and enjoyed making a big song and dance about it. I have previously taken Clare to house parties where she has admitted to having at least a little bit of fun, and kind of got into it a bit, which is better than nothing! I actually didn’t mind staying in that much last year, for several reasons, firstly I was in with my two favourite people in the world, my wife and daughter, secondly I knew that most of my friends were also having a quiet night, so I didn’t feel like I was missing out on much, and thirdly, I am definitely getting lazier in my old age! I do love a good night out, but sometimes I just think it is such an effort that I’m not even sure if I have to motivation to blow all that money and feel like a car crash the next day! Hangovers aren’t what they used to be! Rather than a bad head in the morning, they can be a day long event now! I have to admit that on the very occasional previous night out, not all the time you understand, just once or twice, here and there, where I’ve just thought to myself “can I actually really be bothered? The waiting in queues, 20 minutes at the bar just to get a drink, waiting for taxis, thinking I am floating round the house like a butterfly when I get home, only to be told I sounded like an epileptic elephant the morning after, rude door staff, fights in the street, the hangover from hell, knowing how much money I blew and then finding debit card receipts on top of that!”. My 30 year old self would be purely disgusted with me for even thinking such things! Life has changed, with both the imminent threat of turning 40 charging at me like an iceberg on the still and lifeless ocean as I hurtle towards it like the titanic, combined with a change in priorities after Olivia arrived on the scene and made me look at absolutely everything differently!

Speaking of Olivia, we are in full on teething mode at the moment, those big back teeth are coming through and she isn’t happy about it. She has been off her food one day, then a monster eating machine the next, then back to not wanting a bite of even her favourite foods the day after. She is waking up regularly throughout the night for no other reason than needing to be picked up and cuddled. We often take the opportunity to give her a drink, change her nappy and wipe her nose, although it can still be up to an hour later before she settles again! Its horrible to see her not well, but the cuddles are a nice by-product! I just hope she has a better nights sleep tonight as she is back in nursery tomorrow. She’s already passed her germs on to her mommy who took the day off form work as she wasn’t feeling great and wanted to take Olivia to the doctors just to look at her nasty cough. Turns out its nothing, just teething, winter, and nursery germs!


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