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Todays photo is a portrait shot of a work colleague of mine. He is responsible for the school website at work and asked me to bring my camera in to get some proper photos of certain staff members to go on the website, one of which being himself. Its a bit of a pain bringing the camera in, partly because of the cost and the worry, carrying it on the back of the bike itself is a huge risk, and then I have to make sure its safe all day at work too, but the biggest problem by far is the weight! The camera and lens combo that I take in adds a significant weight to my backpack when I am cycling, especially considering I’d thrown a couple of flashguns in there too, and my poor little legs struggle enough on the hills first thing in the morning, especially on days like today when my muscles are colder than normal, seeing as it was a nice, fresh -0.5ºc when I set out this morning. I was a little concerned about the bike staying underneath me, regardless of whether I am carrying a camera or not!

Anyway, the journey was fine in the end, the camera was safe all day at work, and the photos came out fine. The only downside is that three of the staff I needed to photograph today weren’t available for one reason or another, which means taking the camera in for a second day. Not an ideal situation, I am much happier when I can just leave the camera at home. Still, I said I’d do it now, and I don’t like to let people down, so I really have to finish the job!

Back at home we still have Olivia not quite herself at the moment, although this is mostly limited to bed time, aand she is generally fine during the day. She is still teething and we have her big back teeth coming through at the moment, which is causing her a few problems with sleeping. I know the teething thing is a long, slow process and the teeth can be causing problems for months. Olivia seems to have taken most of it in her stride, but she is not totally immune to the discomfort, and night time is when it seems to be at its worst. Last night we had numerous issues where we were barely getting an hours sleep between the noises from the next room that kept waking us up. Tonight has started out a little better, but it turned out worse than I expected! Clare had gone to bed early to make up for last nights lack of sleep, and I heard several Olivia type noises coming from upstairs, so I went to investigate knowing full well she’d be awake, which she was. I’d beat Clare to it, and she stayed asleep for now, what I didn’t expect though was how hot Olivia would be, a full on high temperature. I stripped her down a bit and gave her a cold drink, and Clare came in to help me give her some medicine. Her temperature had hit 39.5ºc which I was a little concerned about, but we stayed calm and continued to cool Olivia down, and eventually her temperature came back down to around 38ºc which was much more reassuring. Lets hope she sleeps a bit better tonight.


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