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Ah Monday never seems quite as bad when you still have the sweet taste of the weekend in your mouth. The weekend is something to be treasured, for me anyway, I have certainly rekindled my love of the weekend after leaving my previous job in retail. As I have said before, probably on numerous occasions, I certainly don’t dislike my job, but I do love not being there when it means I have the weekend to spend with my wife and daughter. Last weekend I got to spend plenty of time with them, but as everyone was coughing and snotty and generally not feeling 100%, it didn’t feel like quite as much fun! This weekend was definitely much more fun, having the family over on Saturday for dinner, and then spending Sunday afternoon with a good friend of mine taking in the joys of the final Formula 1 race of the year, the championship deciding title race in Abu Dhabi, all in the comfort of Aprés bar, on the big screen with a beer and some food in front of me, and a crowd of like minded people behind me, all cheering on the same guy… Lewis Hamilton, who turned out to be the new 2014 F1 world champion! Its certainly better than cheering to myself from the solitude of our living room when I’m at home as no-one wants to watch the race with me! At least here I can feel like I am not the only F1 fan in the world!

So with the weekend out of the way, its time to start planning for December, as there are plenty of things coming up that I’ll need to be checking the calendar for. There are numerous 40th birthdays (for some reason, sign of the times?), meals out with friends, christmas cards to write and send and not leave until christmas eve like I did last year, various photo shoots, a visit to the german market, and a whole bunch of other stuff! Its a fun month, but its a busy month, and I just know it will all be over in a flash, I just need to make sure I am on top of things and don’t go forgetting anything important! And not forgetting anything means diaries and lists, I must have lists! If its not written down, there is every chance its not getting done! That’s my motto, and in my defence, I am consistent with it!

Monday has been a fairly standard and run of the mill kinda day, and as with most days, the last five minutes before work I always get a little excited, at the thought of heading home on my bike, as fast as my little legs can carry me, to see Olivia. Of course at this time of year, the journey takes on a darker and more ominous aspect, the shorter days mean that I am cycling home with absolutely zero sunlight to help the drivers see me, and I am relying on making myself stand out, with the super bright lights I have added to the back of my bike, the hi viz coat I am now wearing, and also making sure I am not rattling around in the gutter and in fact take up a good portion of the road, forcing the drivers to take notice and attempt to pass me properly leaving ample space, instead of skimming past without indicating or even moving out of the same lane. These tactics have served me well so far, and it is always a relief to get home in one piece, as the roads seem to have become a very uncaring, ruthless place for anyone on two wheels! I do have one more set of lights on order from Amazon, these have been likened to “being like car headlights” and even come with their own battery pack. Unfortunately I ordered them from a chinese company and I am still waiting for them seven weeks later! I was told they should have been with me by now, and so an replacement has been sent out, although who knows how long I’ll have to wait for this! I need it for the dark nights… and I ordered it before the dark nights were a problem… now its really dark out there, and they’re a problem! Where are my damn lights??? One of the downfalls of ordering online I guess, I just hope they are worth waiting for, as there is absolutely nothing of comparison in any of the bike shops, just horrible, cheap, feeble lights with hardly any power behind them! Why do none of the bike shops, especially the likes of halfords, sell any decent bike lights? I’ve never quite understood this.

Anyway, its now time to put the bread machine on so that we can wake up to the smell of fresh bread again in the morning, and then I am off to bed! Good night internet!


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