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There may be no better way to start a Sunday than with cuddles on the sofa with the little lady, where today’s photo was taken. It took a little bit of engineering with the lighting to get it to turn out this way, especially as it was a bit of a dull start to the day, but thankfully I have the knowledge to get some good looking photos that we can look back on and appreciate in years to come. A clever use of a bit of flash in the right place makes all the difference.

There is also one thing that is bothering me slightly recently, which is the use of mobile phones and how they have started to replace people’s main cameras. Now while it can’t be denied that this is hugely convenient for everyone, as we all have our phones on us pretty much all of the time, the simply fact is that a lot of people are getting poor quality photos out of them. I know that in the years since my first iPhone, smartphone cameras have leapt forward massively in their capabilities, and they can capture some truly wonderful images, but like most things, you kinda have to know what you’re doing to get the most out of them. These camera phones will take great photos in most condition, especially with sufficient light levels, but are often not very good in low light or indoors, and yet this is where a lot of people will use them. I tend to see a lot of pictures on Facebook that friends have taken of their children, and while I am never going to criticise or judge other people’s photography (even though people seem to assume I’m going to!) it does make me a bit sad to think that a lot of the babies and small children I see photos of, are only ever going to have their pictures taken on a phone. This presents several issues for me, they will potentially only have poor quality baby photos to look back on when they grow up, the photos will most likely never get printed, and very likely will never get backed up, which creates another problem when you think how easy it is to lose a mobile phone, especially if it is the only place all your precious photos are stored!

My dad was always our photographer, so when my parents split up when I was a young child, looking back I see a distinct drop off in the photos of me when I was growing up, and particularly in the quality. My mom did her best, but she was busy bringing up two children, and on a budget too, so cameras and photos naturally weren’t a priority. The benefit this does have is that I do treasure each and every photo of me as a child, and know pretty much all of them. There is something to be said for taking less photos and making each one worth more.


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