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Starting the weekend again with another run, this time in the rain. Sadly it was another week where I didn’t make the usual 10k distance, only this time it was my running partner who was tapping out early. I didn’t put up much of a fight, as I was keen to get home and dry out.

My goal for today was a day at home with family around me, I’d invited my mom and stepdad over and my sister too, plus her boyfriend when he finished work, and had put the bread machine on so that there would be a fresh loaf of bread ready for lunch! Sausage sandwiches all round, can’t beat proper sausages, and none of the supermarket rubbish either!

Olivia loved having all the extra faces round to play with her and entertain her, and it was nice to see her so happy and everyone else so pleased to see her. She certainly is a popular character when the families gather, and its great to be able to just sit back and watch her have fun. I’d like to say that this helped when it came to making dinner for everyone, but I can’t deny that Clare just took over and pretty much provided for everyone all day. She really is a wonderful wife, there’s no denying it. I barely had to lift a finger, a fact I was well aware of as I was beginning to feel a bit lazy. Still, I was very grateful for all that she did, and everyone had a great day, especially when we all sat down to tuck into Clare’s home made lasagne, including Olivia who is not only joining us at the table, but eating the same food as us too. So she was tucking into lasagne and garlic bread with is, and very much enjoying it too. I can’t wait to see her sat at the table and tucking into some turkey with both sets of grandparents for christmas dinner, especially now we have a booster seat so she can sit on a normal chair with us rather than in her high chair.

We ended the night with a film after everyone had left and my sister had very kindly taken my mom home for me, to save me the journey as I’d already picked her up to bring her over earlier in the day. At the weekend the wife and me will quite often sit and watch a film together, and Clare sometimes stays awake to the end, but then sometimes will nod off half way through. Either way, she’ll usually be in bed well before I am ready, but as its the weekend and I like to make the most of it, I’ll generally stay up and put something else on, possibly even another film, whilst tucking into another drink. Often I don’t always recognise when I should be giving in, calling it a day and going to bed, and often convince myself its a good idea to indulge perhaps just one more drink and maybe take in another film. It could well be a sign of me not being 21 any more I guess, but tonight I could suddenly feel myself falling asleep in front of the tv and then suddenly jolting myself awake, and on checking the time, very much expecting it to be around 2am as it often is when I realise I’ve nodded off and can’t tell how long for, and was quite surprised to see that it wasn’t even midnight yet, so I threw in the towel and decided to get myself to bed while I still stood a chance of getting a good few hours sleep for a change! I always ruin myself on a Friday or Saturday night by going to bed in the early hours, then getting up the following day at the same time as normal.

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