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325.365 – 40 days to go!


Can I get a “whoop” and a “holla” for the weekend?!

Oh there really is nothing quite like that Friday feeling at the end of the week, especially when you can get out of work that bit earlier to head home. The forces of nature were against me, as yet again, my Friday ride home turned into a deluge. The rain started soon after I set off and was very quickly becoming heavier and heavier making it a very wet ride home, although the benefit combining that Friday feeling on top of the fact I was heading home and would soon see my daughter meant that even this amount of rain couldn’t dampen my spirits!

I picked up Olivia from the in-laws as she’s normally dropped home by the mother in law but was having her afternoon nap by the time I’d got home. It gave me time to get changed into something dry before I went round and with time to spare decided to stay for a cup of tea. Its so nice to have such wonderful in-laws, as I know not every body gets on with theirs. Clare’s parents have helped us out so much, with the wedding, the house and of course with Olivia, and its great having them just around the corner. While Clare was pregnant, we did wonder if Clare’s mom would be popping round all the time once Olivia was born, but she has given us plenty of space and time to ourselves, which is very much appreciated. So it was nice to actually have in-laws where I can feel perfectly comfortable in staying for a cup of tea even when Clare isn’t there! It seems like a little thing, but these little things are noticed and do make a difference. I know some of my friends have very different relationships with their parents and in-laws, so a simple cup of tea and a biscuit, for me, is a good thing!

Eventually Clare was also home from work and our little family was together again. Olivia had clearly slept well over night and had some good naps today, and so was on fantastic form, we had a wonderful few hours until bed time, and…

BIG announcement time…

Olivia even took her very first step!!

It was just the one, and she soon lost her balance, but she did it. Very proud mommy and daddy!! I’d made a bet with Clare that Olivia would be walking by the end of the month, and while it looks likely that she may not quite be there yet, at least she is on the way and will almost certainly be walking by christmas… and I should think so too, the lazy little thing!


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