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PG Wodehouse, said there is only one cure for grey hair. “It was invented by a Frenchman. It is called the guillotine.”

So i’m going through a bit of a change at the moment, feeling the need to do things a bit differently and its making me think. As its Movember again and I was forbidden from participating last year, I thought I’d join in again this year, only with a slight modification, the introduction of the goatee beard. I had one of these many years ago, and while I know it makes me look slightly older, I really don’t mind this any more, I am now too old for it to be a concern! The practical point is that to cut to the chase, the wife finds moustaches a bit creepy, but to grow it with the goatee is perfectly acceptable, and so here it is!

Its not the only change to happen, normally I always keep my hair quite short, I have to, as thanks to my mothers genes my hair has a tendency to be quite curly once it reaches a certain length, much to the approval of my wife now this gene has also passed down onto our daughter! Previously I was never quite happy at the barbers/hairdressers as they never seemed to cut it quite short enough, to the point when one hairdresser got the mirror out and asked if I was happy I just kept telling her no until it was, rather than being polite yet still dissatisfied as most of us probably would be in the hairdressers. When she was finally done and I was happy, she went on to comment that it was “pretty much the same length as a number 4 on the clippers”, and so with that snippet of information I went on a couple of days later to buy myself a set of clippers, and take on the task of cutting my own hair ever since, obviously with a little help on the back of course! One of the benefits of keeping it short, and the problem with it now, is the evidence of grey hair. Yes, I have it flooding through at the moment, gathering pace and momentum all the time, and with the very short hair that I tend to usually keep, the grey is a lot less obvious. There comes a point as my hair is growing, a cut off point (if you’ll excuse the pun) where I have to get it cut, it just starts to very suddenly get messy quickly and easily and I know that it can’t get any longer. At the moment I am way beyond that point, I have opted to not cut it. I am growing it a bit, what for, I don’t know, what I am going to do with it, I don’t know! It may need the intervention of a hair dresser to help me, but I’m in no hurry for the moment, I’m just going to see how it turns out for now.

All this extra hair has obviously produced a whole lot of extra grey to go with it though, and while I have always sworn that I would never bother to start colouring it, or attempting to hide the grey… hmm, am I actually beginning to question the integrity of that decision now? Could I be persuaded to give it a go? Is it frowned upon if you still haven’t hit 40 yet? Will my friends ever stop mocking me if they find out? And I supposed the top question is, why do I suddenly feel the need to hide that grey? Well, its not a need as such, just that its so much more obvious now my hair is no longer short, and it does suddenly stand out a lot. Besides, I do see photos of myself with only a speck of grey in my hair, and it really only feels like five minutes ago, I don’t know how it got so grey so quickly. I have to be grateful though, it could very easily have been bald and/or ginger! Yes, my dad was a full on ginge, and on top of that, losing it as well, and to be honest I’d rather have a lack of colour in my hair than ginger in it! I think its fair to say that “the wife” may well have only been known as “the one that got away” if I’d inherited my fathers hair genes!!


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