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As we creep ever closer to the end of the year, I want to take a look at my blog and consider the implications of what I am going to do with it next year. No I’m not actually thinking ahead to new years eve specifically already, just the end of the blog and watching the countdown of days left each day when I put the title in, and so far, as you can see, we’re up to 322 days done so far for this year, meaning that we now have only 43 days left. They’ll go fast, trust me! And with just 43 more posts for the year, I am free of my commitment for my second year of the daily 365project photos. So what will next year look like then? I can’t lie, I have found it a bit much at times, trying to complete a post each and every day, as well as making sure I have at least one photo for each day. Often I have picked (or taken at the very last minute) my photo for the day, and then attempted to fit my blog around it, as the photo is generally meant to be loosely significant of the days events one way or another, if possible, and so is often explained a little bit by the blog as to why I have chosen it or taken it, which was actually the original intention of the text that went with the photo in the first place. It was more by accident that the blog part of it has kind of took over and been the maain focus, with the photo ending up becoming secondary, although obviously still very relevant as it is still part of the daily 365 project. I am well aware of late that the photos of Olivia have been making a very regular appearance, and yes I do often use them when I don’t have another photo for the day, but they are a very suitable alternative as I know at least a handful of people reading this have been following the little lady’s development, and personally I love to look back myself at the changes and see how she is growing up. She changes so much, and so quickly that even photos from back in the summer show an entirely different baby altogether, to the point where now we even struggle to call her a baby. She is very un-baby like and is turning into a proper little madam! I can see the blog continuing, as will the photos, although I think its unlikely that they will be daily. I need to set myself a goal though, I can’t just create a blog post when I feel like it or it will end up becoming so irregular that people will actually stop reading. I say that like I actually think I have an audience… although I have little evidence that anybody actually reads this daily drivel. Its amazing what you can find to talk about, although there are times when I do have something relevant to add to this, but this commonly happens when I am nowhere near a computer, or stuck at work and unable to use a computer, and by the time I get around to sitting down the thought has actually gone, lost forever! There are times when I have a flash of inspiration, but these are generally quite specific to my passions and probably wouldn’t make for good reading, such as cycling gripes or opinions on Formula 1 racing, which I am guessing has even less of an audience here.

So… I am genuinely after feedback, how often is a good frequency to update a blog? Is once a week sufficient? Every other day? Twice a week? Once a fortnight? Does anyone (other than the wife) actually read this daily?? Well, I need to make a decision by the end of the year, as I will be committing myself to that for at least the month of January to see how it goes.

But, getting back to today, what has been happening on planet Vokes? Well the germs around the house seem to be disappearing slowly, Olivia and Clare have pretty much stopped coughing, and their colds have all but vanished. I am on the mend, my cough is dying down a bit, and so is my cold. I am hoping its gone by the weekend as I really want to get a good 10k run completed on Saturday morning! The cycling has been quite pleasant, and autumn can be quite a nice time to ride, cool fresh air, although the right clothing is needed, as it can be very easy to overheat and arrive at your destination smelling a bit funky! I am sure we have a whole bunch of rain ahead of us over the coming weeks, but I am fairly prepared for that now, so it shouldn’t put me off too much. The actual cycling itself may well be the reason that my cough hasn’t quite disappeared yet though, excessive assertion and heavy breathing can tend to make the coughing worse for a while afterwards. Tuesday is also a nursery day for Olivia, so after cycling home I was back out of the house to walk around to the nursery and pick her up. The smiles when she sees me have now disappeared and been replaced whines as soon as she sees me, wanting to be picked up instantly, even though the nursery staff insist she’s had a wonderful day prior to me getting there and the whinging starting, although it does usually stop the second I pick her up! Tuesday also means only a short time to have cuddles when we’ve walked back from nursery as I have to be out by 6:15pm for my martial arts class. Its great to see the wife when she gets in from work, but also a bit of a relief that when she is home on time, I can leave on time, and I won’t be late for my training! I need to make sure I am there each week now, and on time, as I have my next belt grading in a few weeks. I personally don’t feel ready for the next grading, but our sensei has spoken, and thats when it will be! Everyone keep your fingers crossed for me!


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