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You can’t beat a good dunk in a nice hot cup of tea when its cold and a bit miserable outside. Of course, it must be the right kind of dunking biscuit though, you can’t just put anything into that hot liquid, no thats just asking for trouble. There is a certain skill that is required in the perfect biscuit dunk, naturally, and obviously this isn’t going to be transferrable between different varities of biscuit. I personally think that the ultimate is the classic Hobnob, its pretty much the SAS of biscuits when it comes to dunking, but my personal favourite is always going to be the good old fashioned custard cream, although this can be a very deceiving biscuit. One minute its up there taking it like a boss, and the very next second it begins to realise whats happening and gives up! Hero to zero in less than a second!

Still, my day wasn’t all about biscuit dunking, far from it, but it is a little luxury that I wanted to share on this cold, damp evening. Cold and damp as it may be, it is still the highlight of my day when I get to head home and spend time with my family. Olivia was waiting at home with her grandmother when I got back, and it fills my little heart with joy to see her crawling over at lighting speed to be picked up by her daddy, regardless of how sweaty and smelly he is after literally jumping off his bike just seconds before that! Then there is a short period when its just me and the little one while we wait for mommy to come home. This is where I get my cooking skills on and see what glorious treats I can rustle up in the kitchen for Olivia’s dinner. Shall I push the boat out and deliver the culinary masterpiece of spaghetti on toast? Or do we go a little more continental and reheat some frozen pasta in tomato sauce? Well tonight I was going to do something a little different, a hearty favourite of mine that wouldn’t take too long, yet was guaranteed to get a warm reception… cheesy baked potatoes! It went down well, daddy did good! Once Clare was home it meant we could get ours started too. The first big benefit of tonight is that last night was bath night and so tonight we don’t have to bother and can take Olivia straight to bed after her bottle. No, that’s right, call us bad parents but we don’t bath Olivia every night, there I said it! We have read plenty of parenting books, talked to other parents, done all our antenatal classes, found a wealth of info online and generally picked from it just the info we needed… none of it was ever gospel or laws written in stone, its just someone elses opinion for the most part, and thats exactly how we have treated it. We have put our heads together, sat down and discussed the best ideas for bringing Olivia up and always agreed a strategy before moving forward. The wife and I are a team, thats how we’ve worked so far, and that’s how I hope we’ll continue to work even when Olivia tries to play us off against one another as a teenager! One thing we did agree on was that giving Olivia a bath every night just wasn’t necessary or practical. As a baby she doesn’t get dirty enough, its just a waste of water, and on the contrary too many baths can strip away the vital oils on her skin that are there to protect her. Some parents may look down on us and not be able to understand our logic, but there is absolutely nowhere that says a baby must be bathed daily, and there is actually reports that back up our theory about bathing a baby too often, which we actually found out about after we’d made the decision, and so felt quite pleased about. I think we’ve done a reasonably good job so far as parents, making decisions isn’t always easy, and yes there are far harder decisions to come I’m sure, but we’ve done an okay job so far I think. We have a baby who eats well when she isn’t teething, sleeps well the majority of the time, and is otherwise happy and healthy. I’m going to say that me and the wife are worthy of a high five at the very least! But moving on from the parenting issue, the other benefit of tonight is that with it being a Monday today that means that tomorrow we don’t have the mother in law coming round to look after Olivia as she is off to nursery on a Tuesday, and so we can relax around the house a bit. Normally the night before we’re running around before bedtime cleaning things up so that the mother in law doesn’t decide to take on the job herself while we’re at work and Olivia is napping. We feel a bit bad and it doesn’t look good on us. Honestly, sometimes I think we should just get a cleaner, life would be so much simpler! I had one before when I used to live in a shared house, for some reason it was just part of the contract and didn’t cost us any extra, and it was so nice to come home twice a week to a house that had been cleaned for you. I’m pretty sure it can’t cost that much, but then I am also sure that the wife would either mock me or shout at me for being an idiot, and suggesting such a stupid thing, even though she insists on taking the car to the hand car wash run by the local immigrants rather than me doing it for free… surely the same principle, no? Anyway, we don’t have the money, I think baby number two needs to be a priority over us being lazy enough to consider a cleaner, as nice as it would be!

Right, its late enough. Bed for me or I’ll be good for nothing in the morning!


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