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320.365 – 45 days to go!


If there is one thing that frustrates me its wasting time. I like to make the most of my weekends, and while I wouldn’t say that this weekend has been totally wasted, this is the second day of being housebound and we have done very little. It has been lovely spending the time with Olivia, and especially today with her being out of her normal sleep routine, still coughing and full of cold, and probably teething, it made her very clingy, and although she loves to be on the move, it wasn’t long before we were both back on the sofa for cuddles! The day started with another lie in, as we’d been up in the night yet again, which seems to be a fairly regular occurrence these days unfortunately, and so it was 9am before we had to leave the peaceful slumber of our bed, which may not sound like much of a lie in, but its virtually midday by our current standards!

Clare had decided that she was well enough to go out and deliver yesterdays birthday present, although she’d be going alone so that we didn’t pass our germs on to our friends. Once lunch was out of the way she set off, and it was just me and Olivia stuck inside for the afternoon. The day involved a lot of cuddles in front of the tv, as she just wasn’t herself today. One minute she would shoot off crawling across the living room like a rocket, and the next she was back on my lap with her thumb in her mouth watching tv, looking like she’d completely run out of steam. It was just one of those days where there wasn’t much we could do, even going out for a walk didn’t look like much of an option considering how grey and damp it was out there, I figured it probably wouldn’t do a bad chest much help. So we stayed in, and played, and watch some tv, and played. Its not a bad way to spend a weekend, but it would have been nice if all three of us had been in to enjoy it. I was a bit fed up at Saturday having gone and now being halfway through Sunday and I’d left the house just once to pop to the shop for five minutes. I don’t think I’d do very well as a single parent, just a few hours and I was starting to feel a bit trapped. If it had at least been sunny we could have gone out in the garden, or even to the park. One of the challenges of having a little one running around is that its really hard to try and get things done, especially when the little one is now of an age that they need entertaining! Honestly, I don’t know how single parents cope. Looking after a toddler is easy, I got on with that fine, but there was also a whole bunch of other things that needed doing as well… but I just couldn’t leave her. If I wasn’t worried about her smashing the tv with one of her toys or worse still pulling it down on top of herself, it was the fact that she wouldn’t let me go far. Should I dare to venture into the kitchen, or heaven forbid even attempt to go upstairs to use the toilet, then this loud and annoying whingy noise came from the living room that sounded a little like a faulty vacuum cleaner! So single parents, I tip my cap to you, bringing up a child AND cooking and cleaning… its no mean feat! It can also get particularly annoying when you have actually found time to get into the kitchen, cook them some dinner and then they just shake their head like you’re trying to feed them poison, and refuse every single little morsel without even trying it! Even more annoying still, is when you spend time cooking, they refuse every mouthful, but then go and devour a piece of bread and butter, and a yoghurt, like they’ve never seen food before! Still, we got through the afternoon, and no babies were broken in the making of this blog! Clare eventually got home and took over, taking Olivia up for her bath, which she needed after attempting to feed herself again at lunch time, which was the only way we could get close to her eating her lunch, was by letting her feed herself. It kinda worked, but there was as much food go up her face and on the floor as went in her mouth! Still, this is exactly why we opted for laminate wood floor when we moved in, instead of a carpet, so we didn’t have to worry about baby food ending up on the floor! Even the sofa and dining chairs are wipe clean, we are taking no chances as she gets older and takes control of her feeding more!

Oh well, thats Sunday done, its now Sunday evening and time to prepare for the inevitable arrival of Monday morning. Let’s just hope we get to sleep all the way through for a change, it makes a real difference to the day ahead.


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