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Oh I do love that Friday feeling, time to spend with the family, although not tonight, as its just me and the little lady, father and daughter, while mommy is off out with her friends straight from work. Its not Friday night like I’ve known them previously, but i’m just as happy having Olivia for company at the end of the week.

It has been a household of snot and germs for a few days now, we all seem to have picked up coughs and colds, and none more so than Olivia who hasn’t slept well and has been off her food a bit. I wasn’t off mine though and being Friday I thought I’d treat myself, especially as Clare was out having fun while I was at home, so after attempting to give Olivia her favourite pasta, which was only partly successful, we headed out in the car to the fish and chip shop to get daddy some dinner. I did wonder if I’d actually get to eat it, as Olivia was close to bed time and clearly starting to get tired, and we had a bath and bottle of milk still to go before it was lights out for her! I always used to worry on nights where Clare had gone out and I was solely responsible for looking after the baby and not breaking her, but now that our baby has turned into a little lady, and with a bit more experience and confidence under my belt, I am just as happy when I’m on my own as when Clare is here too. Bath time was fun as always, but we may have stayed in there a little too long as she started to very suddenly get cold and tired. We quickly got her dried and dressed, and once the milk was done it was off to bed and time for daddy to relax in front of the tv with a drink and some snacks.

Sadly that wasn’t the end of the night, as Olivia was up numerous times before I’d even got to bed, clearly kept awake by teething coughing and a cold. Finally after administering cough mixture and calpol she was off to sleep and it was time for me to hit the sack. I’d already cancelled my weekend run because I was still coughing up nasty stuff thanks to a bad chest, so it was actually a chance for a bit of a Saturday morning lie in!


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