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Father guilt, thats what I have! It would seem we have created a bit of a daddy’s girl in our daughter and the wife is feeling a bit put out about it. In one way its lovely, to have your little girl reach out her arms and want daddy to make everything alright is fantastic, but when she refuses to go to her mother at only 14 months old, I do feel a bit guilty about it. What do you do? I did remind the wife that in a few years the roles could swap around as daddy lays down the law and is no longer flavour of the month! It doesn’t help that the wife is currently only really getting to see Olivia at the end of the day when she is getting tired, and she’s not great when she needs her sleep, a bit like her daddy! I had all this while Clare was off on maternity leave though, so I kinda know how it feels. Clare would be at home and tell me what a great day they’d had, and she’d send me photos of Olivia smiling and videos of her laughing… then daddy would come home and she’d just cry. I tried not to take it personally, but its not easy, but then I realised that it was just that particular time of day, which is why I especially enjoyed the weekends back then and being able to spend time with Olivia while she was wide awake and happy, rather than all tired and grumpy! There’s nothing you can do with a grumpy tired baby except let them sleep, and you certainly can’t take it personally. For us its a good thing that she seems to recognise the time of day so well, it means her bedtime routine is always regular, she’ll always be ready to go to bed around the same time, and if she doesn’t seem tired and just wants to play we can usually turn it around with a few cuddles and a bottle of milk and have her in bed and ready to go to sleep just 15 minutes later!

Bed time is not as straight forward as it used to be though, our little sleep monster seems to be much more of a light sleeper lately, and her teething really isn’t helping matters! Some nights she’ll sleep right through without as much as a murmur, as she has done for so many months, and other nights where she’ll wake up at the slightest sound, and then there are the nights where she’ll just wake up anyway, noise or no noise! Last night was one of those nights, I can only presume the teething related cold woke her up, and she didn’t seem to want to go back to sleep. Eventually Clare woke as well, I’d been trying to keep Olivia quiet so Clare could sleep, and a bit of team work getting some calpol inside her seemed to work eventually, it really is magic stuff! The little lady eventually settled and we could all get to sleep again. I needed to get a good nights sleep as I have picked up a cough and cold myself, and to be honest its the cough thats annoying me the most. its made me really chesty and I even gave up on cycling to work for the second day in a row, and took the car again today! I’m feeling a bit sluggish at the moment and the trousers I wore to yesterdays funeral were definitely feeling a bit tight, so I could do without missing another days cycling, and I am definitely looking forward to saturday mornings run this week! I need to get some serious exercise on and stop eating crap. I have turned into a real eating machine lately, which I am totally blaming on the weather and time of year, but it would really help if I didn’t keep buying it and leaving crap around the house that we can pick up and snack on! I’ll certainly be doing enough of that over christmas, I don’t need to be starting this early!!

Talking of christmas, I have a question for you all. I noticed that Sky have announced a new channel dedicated to christmas movies, and I wondered what I’d like to see on it as christmas is only about 6 weeks away now! SO I got to thinking, what are my top 5 christmas films. Firstly I think it would have to be the classic Miracle on 34th Street, the remake of course though. Then there would be the Muppets Christmas Carol, followed by Love Actually, the less traditional The Holiday, and a recent addition, The Polar Express. What would your top 5 christmas films be?

Oh and thanks to my sister Lizzie for todays Pudsey Bear outfit that Olivia wore to nursery for their Children In Need week, as is being modelled in todays photo!


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