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Monday doesn’t feel quite so hard when it has been a weekend well spent, and even though I haven’t really slept very well in recent nights, I am ready to face a new week. The Christmas countdown has begun, one week down and only six to go before the end of term and then a whole two weeks off, time I can relax and spend with the family and friends, and at the rate the weeks are flying by it will be here before we know it!

The day was fairly chaotic, crazy kids, just one of those days that you’re glad is over. The nature of our job means that we expect difficult days like this sometimes, although over the course of the school year you start feeling like you’re getting somewhere with the kids, you see the behaviours settle down and days like this can be a bit frustrating. There have also been a few staff injuries in the last few weeks, scratches and bites and so on, and I’m sure there will be more to come yet, but hopefully less and less as time goes on.

So I was especially happy to be home after how the day had gone, and the open arms I got from Olivia wanting her daddy to pick her up made it even sweeter. I even got a little surprise when I got home, a new pair of shoes waiting for me. I had ordered them several weeks ago, but they were far too tight even though I’d ordered the right size. I felt a bit cheated that if I wanted to swap them I’d have to pay to return them as, I’d ordered a size that should have fitted, but I guess this is one of the risks of buying clothing online, you can’t try it on before you pay. Still, the replacement that was sent out finally arrived yesterday, they look great and finally fitted perfectly, even if they weren’t technically my size.


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