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Still catching up on the blog posts as I seem to be regularly a day behind now, but it is still better to be doing it late, and making sense than trying to squeeze something in late at the end of the day when I should be in bed and end up doing half a job, either not making sense, being a bit dull or uninspiring, or just forgetting what I’d been planning to talk about.

Heading home from work on a Friday is such a lovely feeling, and knowing that I am on my way to see my little girl (even though I only saw her in the morning) keeps pushing me on to cycle harder and faster so I can see her that bit sooner. It might sound a bit soppy or sad, but I actually get quite excited about coming home to see my little girl. With all due respect to my wife, who is absolutely amazing and wonderful in so many ways, my daughter is the absolute centre of my universe and takes number one place my heart, and I make no secret about it! I love her going to nursery, she gets to do so many new things and gets to socialise with other children her own age, but the one bonus of the days she is looked after by her nan is that she always has lots of naps during the day and is full of energy when I pick her up. On nursery days the naps seem to be shorter and I’d imagine she has probably been a lot more active, so she is ready for cuddles in front of the tv as soon as we get home from the walk back from nursery. Today was not a nursery day and when I got to pick her up, the mother in law informed me that Olivia had spent a lot of the day trying to stand up on her own, rather than just using tables and chairs to pull herself up. This was exciting news, the last real stage before she is likely to attempt to take steps and walk. I was hoping she’d repeat it for me and Clare too, which she did, although I didn’t really manage to get many photos apart from this one.

I was very grateful that Clare was still happy to give me a lift this evening, before Olivia went to bed, as I was going out and meeting some of the other dads from our antenatal group for a few drinks. No point in paying for a taxi if I can get a lift. There was me and three other dads, as some of them couldn’t make it sadly, but we had a great night and took in some of the sights of Harborne as we decided not to stay in just the one bar, and instead see what a few of them had to offer. We met at the Junction again, which I had worked in for about 3 years a long, long time ago back in the late 90s, and it was a very different bar now to what it was when I was there. There had been a significant extension, a greater choice of premium drinks, an impressive menu and the place is now regularly very busy. We stayed for a drink and moved on to the Proverbial, which used to be known as the Varsity, and was the Junction’s main rival back in the day and frequently far busier, although there was a huge contrast in trade tonight as it was virtually empty when we walked in. We moved on again onto the White Horse, which I don’t recall ever going in before, and was surprised that one of Harbornes smaller bars, which was a bit old school in terms of its decor and its image, was actually way busier than we’d expected. We managed to find a seat and the live music was tempting to stay for, but we decided to move on after a drink and headed over to the Plough. I remember going into the Plough once, back when I was working at the Junction and I was a little taken aback. It was a tiny, teeny weeny little bar, and it looked like I had literally walked into someones living room! Today the Plough is probably one of the best bars on the High Street, and after settling in with some great beers, we decided to make ourselves comfortable and stay for a little while! It was a lovely evening with some great guys and so nice that we can still catch up, spend a little while comparing the children what they have been up to and have started doing recently, and generally have very nice time. I look forward to seeing them all again, with wives and children in tow for our christmas meal!


3 thoughts on “311.365”

  1. The Harborne bars are great considering it’s not a very big place! I think the Plough is my favourite too, especially the beer garden!


    1. I quite enjoyed seeing a few of the different bars, its changed so much since I used to work there, sadly so have the prices, its not cheap in some of those bars! I’m looking forward to the Plough beer garden again next summer! Who knows, I may see you in there!?


      1. Haha no it’s not the cheapest is it! They are great places though. My current netball team is sponsored by the Junction so we are in there the most but I have to say I haven’t been much since moving out of Brum. I don’t know if I would recognise you with the goatee!!


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