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Thursday is a day I enjoy, picking up the little one from nursery, and generally a commitment free evening! We never plan much for a Thursday so I can relax at home a bit. I had one job to do, and that was to drive to a friends house to drop off my DBS form, which replaces the old CRB, as I’ll be looking after their son who has autism for a couple of hours a week. The DBS and now redundant CRB are essentially police check for any convictions, to make sure I’m suitable to work with children. I’ve not had to complete one since going back to the school, but since the CRB has been replaced, anyone who needs a check now has to register for the DBS, and sadly this has created a bit of a backlog, meaning we have been waiting months for mine to come back. Still, it’s back now, and we can move on. I offered to help my friends out as they don’t have anyone who can look after their son for them very often, and he can be quite demanding, whereas I actually have the experience of working with children like him already. I am just hoping that it doesn’t impact too heavily on my weekend and my time with Olivia, which is the most important thing to me. We have waited so long for the DBS to come back, and I’d like to keep this up for a while to help my friends out, but I guess I should make a point of mentioning that this won’t be forever, as I will be wanting my weekends back at some point in the future. Hopefully we can come to an arrangement where we’re both happy for a while anyway.

I even broke my midweek rule and gave in to a pub text from my friend. Normally I don’t go out drinking from Sunday to Thursday night, as I just hate the battle of dragging myself out of bed in the morning which is even worse when you’re cycling to work the next day, and literally any excuse to leave the bike at home and take the car will do! I’ve managed to eliminate most excuses, such as the weather, the dark, the icy cold mornings, but there are still days when you just don’t feel like it. Those are usually the days where the traffic is bad and I’m almost immediately cursing my decision to not take the bike, where I could have zipped through all the stationary cars, and instead I’m actually sat in one of those stationary cars thinking that it probably wouldn’t really have been that much effort to climb onto the bike that morning, would it?!

I briefly managed to grab today’s photo of a very tired, post-nursery Olivia. She seems to really enjoy it there, and always comes home tired. I’m guessing she’s quite active there, but I also noticed that she naps for shorter periods there than she does at home, and boy, does our little girl need her naps!!


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