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Ah yes, the mid week “hump day”, three days out of five ticked off and only two left to go before the weekend! Another cold start to the day, but wrapped up it was all good, refreshing and a great way to start the day. After a hot shower when I get to work, I feel ready to face whatever the day can throw at me.

Tonight is actually bonfire or Guy Fawkes night here in the UK and is one night I do enjoy, well not so much in the week as I don’t generally do much, although that may well chance as Olivia gets older, but I do enjoy the bonfire/firework events at the weekend if ever I get to go to one. I think your view of certain events is shaped by how you saw them when you were growing up. I work with one girl who doesn’t get excited by the idea of christmas and the thought of having to spend the day with family horrifies her, but it turns out that her christmases were spent eating lobster on the beach with her parents. I love spending time on christmas day with family and friends, the more the merrier, but thats how I grew up, and for me thats entirely what christmas is about. Bonfire night was much the same, as a child I grew up seeing my cousins and aunts and uncles on bonfire night where we would all meet up at my nans house as she had the longest garden and so a fire at the top of it didn’t matter to anyone. As we got older, me and one of my cousins would help build the fire. We’d all throw wood on during the night, and watch fireworks that one of my uncles would light and there would be baked potatoes in the oven and food on a bbq. It was a great night, hats and gloves on and probably a pair of wellies too! I still love watching fires now, I think its a man thing, especially with a beer in hand, in fact it could probably only be topped by having some meat on a stick to cook on it! My little fire pit was one of the best things I could have bought when we moved into the house. My friends had one years ago, but I never had a garden to put one in, so I just had to wait. There were plenty of firework displays in peoples gardens in the local area, and just as they did last year, the house across the road fired off a few rockets and such, and so I just had time to grab my camera, stick it on a tripod and set it up for a bit of a long exposure photograph to catch some firework trails. A good firework photo is on my list of shots I’d like to achieve, and while it was not bad given the circumstances such as shooting through a window that had condensation on it, it wasn’t the shot I had in mind. There will be a whole bunch of firework displays on Saturday night no doubt, but we are likely to miss all these so we can take Olivia into town to see the Christmas parade and the turning on of the Christmas lights!

This particular bonfire night I was staying home to look after Olivia as Clare had arranged to go out and meet my friends wife for a few glasses of wine at a new mini bar that had opened locally. I did consider burning a few bits of wood as I am normally out on a wednesday visiting friends, but as I was house bound this evening they came to me instead. If I’d thought, I would have got the fire going and we could have stood and chatted around the fire in the garden, but I wasn’t that organised and needed to have a bit of a tidy up around the house before they arrived anyway. Its amazing, I can genuinely get more done in the 30 minutes before visitors turn up than I can the entire rest of the week. I think we need more visitors just to encourage me to get off my backside and do more cleaning. It is hard to get motivated sometimes though, with the mother in law looking after Olivia for us while we’re at work three days a week, and Olivia still having her massive naps during the day time, it means that the mother in law tends to get a bit bored during one of Olivia’s two hour naps and passes the time by cleaning things, so there often isn’t much left to do by the time I get home. It seems a little pointless going round and doing it all again. Ideally I’d like to get ahead of the game and make sure everywhere was already clean, but I think she’d still end up finding something that needed cleaning. I am very grateful and it is so appreciated, but it does make me feel a bit guilty at the same time! It was good to have my friends over as I usually go to them, and exciting that the last one of the group is about to become a dad himself in a few weeks. He’s had a bit of a tough few weeks as his other half doesn’t seem to have coped with pregnancy very well and he’s ended up taking on an awful lot of work around the house, on top of an already stressful job which gets even busier in the run up to Christmas. It was good that he could get out of the house and relax for a bit. It might not sound like much, just catching up over a coffee each week, but we’ve come to look forward to it, just to switch off a bit for an hour or two every Wednesday, and it’s also a great way to plan bigger nights out, which admittedly are a little rare this year. In fact I don’t think I can remember a year before this where I have actually been out so little. I’m talking about big nights out, not an hour up the local before last orders. It seems that everyone’s social life has cooled off a bit recently, and I guess it can’t come as too much of a surprise, we’re not 21 any more, in fact ironically the next big night out is actually a 40th birthday, the second one of our group this year. I do have a night out planned for this weekend with some of the antenatal dads, a relatively new circle of friends that don’t always get out very often for similar reasons to myself, but a great group of guys that it’s lovely to see once in a while. Even better is the fact that I have managed to organise a Christmas meal for all of us, moms and babies included, in about four weeks time, which I think we’re all looking forward to. Everyone is happy to do it, but nobody wants to organise it. Good job that I don’t mind doing it! Providing that everyone can make it,mans the babies don’t kick off, it should be a great afternoon!


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