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When I tell people that I bake my own bread I often imagine them with this little vision of me in their head with flour all over the kitchen counter, possibly on the floor too, as well as me having dough stuck halfway up my arms, cursing and wishing I’d just bought a loaf from the supermarket. The reality couldn’t be any further from this though, as the process is quick, simple and clean. I put all the ingredients in the bowl together, switch it on and then leave it until the loaf is ready! That is quite literally it, until I get to wake up to the smell of fresh bread the next morning, and know that at lunchtime my sandwiches will be tasty, fresh and free from all the unnecessary supermarket additives. Oh, and as for the honey and milk powder in the photo, they’re my own little personal “additives”, and just add a little something extra to the finished loaf.

This morning we could really start to feel the effects of winter approaching, or at least I could as I was cycling, the wife however, had decided to take the day off to go Christmas shopping with her mother and so wasn’t worried about the weather particularly. The winter had barged aside the autumn like a very rude bigger brother and made its presence quite known as the temperature read a rather fresh and unexpected +2.7°c as I was about to leave the house, meaning I was going to have to make myself a little late looking for my winter cycling gear, which mostly consists of a fleece scarf/facemask and a thermal skull cap. These two combined don’t actually sound like much, but are incredibly warm and make the journey so much more pleasant. Exactly what I need for those very cold, below zero mornings where I really don’t want to leave the house, and have to remind myself that I’m going to be toasty warm in just a couple of minutes time as the extra bit of clothing I’ve added really has made all the difference.

With Clare off work today it was nice to have her home when I got back, and she even thought to leave the garage light on so I could see what I was doing when I got home and put my bike away. It was like a flash back to the days of her being on maternity leave, I do miss those days, and I just know that she does too! I was very grateful that even though she hadn’t been at work, she still waited for me to get back so we could pick Olivia up from nursery together, it really is one of my favourite parts of the day! I’d decided that I was going to miss my weekly jujitsu class tonight as primarily I’d not slept well for a few nights and was just feeling exhausted, and I was wanting to spend a bit of time with my daughter. It turns out that this was the right thing to do this week, as when it came to bath time which she normally loves, we had a total and rather unexpected meltdown, so bath time was postponed for a day, and little madam was rather swiftly given milk and taken up to bed. Poor little thing was exhausted! I know how she feels and I needed to make sure I got to bed at a sensible time myself, and so on goes the bread maker with the timer set so that the bread is ready for the morning, and I am off to bed myself!


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