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Two things stand out about this particular monday, firstly the weather. Granted, a very british thing to discuss, but as a cyclist it is especially relevant to me, especially as my cycling falls under the category of ‘commuter’ meaning that 85% of other road users hate me and that I am quite susceptible to adverse weather conditions as they can cause potholes to vanish and car drivers to pay even less attention to me. The weather today was nothing like that however, the crazy rain had appeared at around 4am and was so noisy on the window that it woke both myself and Clare up, but the day was now proving much drier and pleasant, although it was suddenly very clear with the temperature that we have moved into November. Its that time of year when I am looking to start wrapping up while out on the bike, although not too much as overheating can quickly become a problem, especially as I always look to keep my pace up on the roads to try and make myself less of a hazard for the cars. Along with the rain falling, the temperature had also fallen overnight, and we were clearly into November, there was no doubt about that! The other downside to this time of year is that it is now dark before I even leave work, and while I have invested in some much better lights for both the front and back of my bike, I still can’t help but feel a little vulnerable and can’t wait for my new front light to arrive that I ordered online from china over four weeks ago! I know its China and its a long way, but four weeks? I could probably have walked there and picked it up by now!

So whats the second thing standing out about this particular Monday? Well that would be the letter from Sandwell council informing me that they believe I no longer have the right to be on the electoral role and therefore vote, as they have reason to believe I no longer live at my address and if I want to appeal against this decision, they will set up a hearing and notify me of a time and date. Well how very kind of them. Cue snotty and rather facetious email reply. I’m not sure what the difference between me and Clare is, but its only me that has had this letter. I wouldn’t mind so much, but they actually sent someone out four weeks ago because they didn’t have enough details for me, and had me complete their form at the door, whilst totally interrupting my sunday lunch and the guests we were entertaining. This is just nonsense that I don’t need to be worrying about, someone somewhere has dropped the ball and needs to fix it, as I certainly won’t be attending any hearings! I have far better things to be doing with my time.


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