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The one day we have to be up and out at a reasonably early time and not only does Clare decide to sleep in, but so does our personal organic alarm clock, Olivia! We had arranged to meet my old school friend Andrew with his lovely wife Kate and their two daughters at the ThinkTank Science Museum at Millenium Point, and thankfully I was awake in time to wake the two ladies so we’d have enough time to get ready and get out, although we still managed to be a few minutes late. Andrew, having two daughters of his own, was totally understanding. Our lateness was not helped by the difficulty in finding parking when we got there, the natural choice would be to ask the parking warden who was walking in the direction of our car, I mean if anyone is going to know about parking, it’ll be the guy who charges you money when you get it wrong, surely… only in answer to my very simple question of where do I park my car for this large and very significant tourist attraction in the centre of Englands second city (I didn’t actually say that, I’m just emphasising the point!) he simply shrugged and said “Um… I think you can park in the road over there!”. Well excuse me for being skeptical, but thats exactly where I am going to end up getting a parking ticket if you’re uncertainty doesn’t work in my favour and you turn out to be wrong Mr “first day on the job?” parking warden! Thankfully a phone call to my friend, and an educated guess meant I soon found the appropriate and very reasonably priced multi-storey car park that was just metres away, that the parking warden totally failed to send us to!

ThinkTank was a fun few hours, although clearly geared more towards children of a certain age, but still interesting and great to see. We paused for a spot of lunch in their cafe before finishing our walk and heading off our separate ways and heading home.

The only other notable part of the day for me was the Formula 1 race from Austin, Texas starting a little later over here due to the time difference. A great race and signifying the end of a great day, a wonderful week and that the weekend is over meaning I am back to work again tomorrow. Almost as quickly as the half term has got here, it is over again! Next stop… Christmas!!


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