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Well behind on the blog and needing to catch up quickly while I get chance. Friday was halloween, and Clare had not failed to get a cute little costume for Olivia, a little witch outfit. We were due to visit my sister for lunch, and Olivia was going to wear the costume over there, but first we had to wait for the hairdresser to arrive to fix Clare’s hair up. Clare had woke up not feeling great, but seemed to deteriorate quickly whilst her hair was actually being done, and promptly, and unexpectedly went back to bed as soon as it was finished, so I left her to sleep and went to see my sister with just Olivia in tow. Its not nice to see someone you care about not feeling well, and I was hoping she would be feeling better quickly, especially as we had a wedding to attend the following day. It was nice to spend a couple of hours at my sisters as I know she loves seeing Olivia, and has been wanting to cook for us for a while, even though Clare didn’t get to sample it. With Olivia’s nap time determining events, as they regularly do, we headed home only for Olivia to fall asleep in the car only 10 minutes before we got back. Getting her out of her car seat at this point would mean that there was little chance she’d sleep again before bedtime, and every chance she’d be grumpy as bedtime approached, so I only had one option, to sit in the car with her and leave her to sleep for a bit longer, which turned out to be 20 minutes of sitting around. There was little reason to rush into the house as I was fairly confident that Clare would still be in bed and most likely asleep.

With Olivia finally in bed, halloween night was upon us, we’d failed to get both a pumpkin and sweets for the trick or treaters that may knock the door. With Clare not interested in any food I decided to kill many birds with one stone and head down to the supermarket for a pumpkin, some sweets and an Asda takeaway for one. Unfortunately, like last year, no-one knocked and so we have to do something with all these sweets now!


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