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Todays plans to get out and do something were hampered yet again by that pesky teething problem. Yet again Olivia had been up in the night, and had taken a while to settle and so was a bit tired and pale today, needing lots of sleep to catch up at nap time. By the time… Continue reading 333.365

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When you look forward to a Friday and it doesn't quite work out how you expected... sigh! The plan was perfectly simple, put the little lady to bed and then sit down for a delicious dinner with the wife, before a trip to the supermarket for wine, beer and snacks, and then both of us… Continue reading 332.365

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I have been sat with the computer in front of me most of the evening and still managed to leave it to the last minute to type anything on here! Teething has reached a climax now and our poor little lady has had a full night of misery. We took in in turns to get… Continue reading 331.365

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Decided to try something a bit different with todays photo, as I grabbed a couple of shots of Olivia I realised the lamp light wasn't going to be enough, and using the flash from the camera would just create an effect I've already used countless times, so I decided to add my Gary Fong Lightsphere… Continue reading 330.365

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Todays photo is a portrait shot of a work colleague of mine. He is responsible for the school website at work and asked me to bring my camera in to get some proper photos of certain staff members to go on the website, one of which being himself. Its a bit of a pain bringing… Continue reading 329.365

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Ah Monday never seems quite as bad when you still have the sweet taste of the weekend in your mouth. The weekend is something to be treasured, for me anyway, I have certainly rekindled my love of the weekend after leaving my previous job in retail. As I have said before, probably on numerous occasions,… Continue reading 328.365

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There may be no better way to start a Sunday than with cuddles on the sofa with the little lady, where today's photo was taken. It took a little bit of engineering with the lighting to get it to turn out this way, especially as it was a bit of a dull start to the… Continue reading 327.365

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Starting the weekend again with another run, this time in the rain. Sadly it was another week where I didn't make the usual 10k distance, only this time it was my running partner who was tapping out early. I didn't put up much of a fight, as I was keen to get home and dry… Continue reading 326.365

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325.365 – 40 days to go!

Can I get a "whoop" and a "holla" for the weekend?! Oh there really is nothing quite like that Friday feeling at the end of the week, especially when you can get out of work that bit earlier to head home. The forces of nature were against me, as yet again, my Friday ride home… Continue reading 325.365 – 40 days to go!



Right, I am NOT going to let this be a late night! I am typing this as I wait for a loaf of bread to finish baking and it has about 25 minutes on the clock. Once the loaf is done, I want to take it out of the bread maker, cover it over with… Continue reading 324.365