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There seems to be some sort of time and space inconsistency regarding half term, it feels like it has taken forever for this week to get here, yet almost as soon as its started, its pretty much over again! Thursday already, how did THAT happen?

Thursday is one of Olivia’s nursery days, and with both me and Clare off work, that left us with a few hours spare to ourselves. We decided to head out to Merry Hill for a bit of Christmas shopping, yes thats right Christmas shopping in October, check ME out!! Its not that I am trying to be especially organised, I just need to be able to spread the cost out over more than just the one payday, rather than leaving everything until my December pay and having a very poor January like I normally do. We managed to tick off a few items, and considered it a successful trip and headed home for a little lunch. We had a few hours left before picking up Olivia and so set about tidying the house as we had some friends coming for dinner and this was our only chance to get things done. Its lovely to be able to have people come over for dinner, and its something we definitely don’t do enough of. In the flat we just didn’t really have the room for it, although we did try to make do with the space we had, but now we have much more space and a dinner table that can seat up to eight people. So I sometimes wonder why we’re aren’t cooking for people more often! Today was all about risotto, one of my favourite things to cook. It always takes a little longer than I think its going to, but the result is always worth it. It was a simple recipe that I just pulled from the internet when I first had the inspiration to cook my own risotto, I can’t even remember what first made me want to cook it, as I don’t ever remember eating it before, so in reality I wasn’t actually sure what it was supposed to taste like or what the consistency was supposed to be. I’ve since eaten risotto in restaurants and actually prefer mine! The best bit about risotto is that everything is cooked in one pan, and that makes cleaning up quite easy, and definitely one of the best decisions we made when moving into this house was putting a dishwasher in the kitchen! Dinner went down well, and there wasn’t much left of dessert either, and there was even some damage done to the red wine I bought. A very pleasant night indeed and a great chance to catch up with my running partner Rob and his lovely wife, ahead of getting back into the running with him.


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