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No sleeping in this weekend, not even with an extra hour in bed as the clocks go back marking the end of British Summer Time. My alarm was set early, but that didn’t stop me from waking up early, as I was due to head out and collect my final christmas present from last year. Clare had bought me a Silverstone tour voucher, and I had until the end of September to redeem it. I was delighted with it on christmas day when I opened it, and remember putting it to one side thinking about booking it when I had the chance… until the new year rolled around and the christmas decorations came down, and suddenly the voucher was forgotten about. Thankfully Clare reminded me in time and I managed to get the day booked in time, and with a friend as the day was a tour for two, and I couldn’t imagine Clare being any less interested in anything. I wouldn’t want to put her through two and a half hours of Formula 1 history, and enlisted my friend Duncan to join me, one of the dads in our antenatal group. We had also arranged for his wife to head over to our house so our daughters could play together and we could all have lunch together when me and Duncan got back. 10










Lunch was lovely although the two little ladies didn’t eat a great deal. Olivia was split between wanting to play with Amber and being all clingy, not wanting to let go of me or Clare, which is a usual sign that her teeth are playing up, and she probably has a new one coming through. We’ve had to learn to accept that this is going to be a regular thing for a while now, she still has a lot more teeth to come yet, and there will be days when she is just a bit grumpy, off her food, and only wanting cuddles and reassurance. If she doesn’t eat, then we don’t worry too much, as she always makes up for it the next day. The clocks shifting back has meant we’ve got to adjust her bedtime so she isn’t now going to bed at 6:30pm instead, but it was difficult to keep her up, because when this little lady needs to sleep, nothing else in the world matters!

It might be the end of the weekend, but it wasn’t over yet, so we decided to finish the night with a few drinks and a film, although sadly the inevitable happened again, and Clare was falling asleep before the film had even reached halfway! I guess in reality, it wasn’t really that early when you consider the clocks changing. We can always try again next weekend!


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