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The weekend starts again with more running. After we’d recovered from last weekends half marathon, I wanted to make sure that I didn’t take a break from the running. The company behind some of the biggest running events, Great Run, have organised a new 10k run for Birmingham next year, in addition to their half marathon, and I am hoping to take part in it and get myself a good time. Its going to get colder and wetter over the winter, and it will mean that some real commitment is needed to keep up the training, but as we’re doing 10k runs each Saturday morning already anyway, it just means that we need to keep doing what we’re already doing and start slowly building up the pace after christmas. When I first ran with Eve, she could only manage the usual 10k run I did in 1Hr 23min but today after weeks of training for the half marathon, we got the 10 down to 1hr 8min shaving 15 whole minutes off that first run. Not a bad improvement at all, so I am really hoping that we can get down to around an hour before xmas! Hopefully from next weekend I’ll have my old running buddy Rob back on the running scene with us, as I haven’t seen him since before I started the half marathon training with Eve. His pace is slightly faster than mine in a half marathon, and even in training there will be a significant difference in speed between him and Eve, so I am hoping we can bring her pace up in the next couple of weeks a bit, while he is still a bit slow getting back into it.

My Saturday was planned into three sections, the first being this mornings run, the second being a bit of family time out somewhere, and the wife came up with the idea to visit a local duck pond with some bread. Olivia loved watching the ducks and it was great to be outdoors with her, as I personally don’t think we get out enough. Getting some fresh air, and seeing all the autumn colours with my two favourite people was a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon. I can’t wait until Olivia is walking and can start exploring properly! I took my camera to get a few photos of our walk, as these memories are what I’m looking forward to showing Olivia when she’s older.














The Third part of the day was the 40th birthday of my friends wife at a local pub, well, local to them, not to us. We didn’t want to ask Clare’s parents to baby sit as they look after Olivia three days a week already, and my mom doesn’t have a car any more, so I asked one of my sisters who was more than happy to oblige. She came round with her other half early so she could see Olivia before she went to bed, and soon after she was down we headed out. It was lovely catching up with friends for a couple of hours and being able to relax, knowing Olivia was safely asleep at home being looked after. We don’t exactly miss out on going out, but we don’t often get the chance to do it together.

All in all, it was a fantastic Saturday, exactly the sort of day that the weekend was invented for!


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