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The storm has arrived today, as predicted, and boy am I glad I’d decided to take the car this morning, very unsafe weather for cycling in today. With a lack of cycling lanes on my route in and out of work, there is ample opportunity to get blown off my bike by a strong gust, into the path of bus or lorry, of which there are plenty on my journey, not to mention all the cars that don’t feel like they need to give me any room as they pass!

The weather seemed to step up a gear as I came out of work, the rain was literally going sideways and the wind was just stripping the trees of their leaves. If I’d been on the bike, I’d have probably had to consider walking at this point. Strangely enough, five minutes later, it was no more than breezy with blue sky and sunshine again. I was just keeping my fingers crossed it all settled down for the morning so that I could get back on the bike again.

I’d forgotten that Clare was finishing work early, so it was a nice surprise to get home and have her already there. She had taken the decision to finish an hour early as she’d not slept well the night before as Olivia had been up again, as she regularly seems to be lately, and as the baby monitor is on her side of the bed I’d slept through it. Clare had left it to me to collect from Olivia from nursery this afternoon, as she knows how much I love to pick her up at the end of my day, and also because of jujitsu on a Tuesday night meaning that I don’t get to see her for very long before I go out, as she’ll be in bed long before I get home. The jujitsu is still bothering me a bit, I still enjoy it, but it has been four years that I’ve been training there for now, and I’m not sure if it’s just a temporary thing, but I feel like I’ve lost the passion for it a bit lately. It’s more time spent travelling to the centre than it is time actually spent training there, although it probably wouldn’t annoy me so much if Olivia was already in bed when I left, and I didn’t feel like I was missing out on time with her. Still, at the end of the day I have to remember that it is only one evening, and I do otherwise get to spend plenty of time with her. I’m giving the training until Christmas, and if I haven’t got some of the passion back then I might consider giving it up!


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