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It comes to something when you need a holiday to get over the weekend, but this weekend was all worth it. I enjoyed the half marathon and managed to raise a nice little sum of cash for charity, that I had no intention of raising three weeks ago because I hadn’t entered and didn’t know if I was going to.

At least now we’re on the final week before the holiday, a week off, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for at least one day where I can catch up on a bit of sleep, although I know my chances are slim. For today though, all I could think about was my poor, stiff achey legs. I’m pretty sure I’ve run half marathons and cycled to work the day after before now, but today… nothing! My legs were far too stiff and aching to even consider pedalling today. I really wanted to, but it was never going to happen today, my legs just couldn’t take it! It was such a shame too, it was perfect cycling weather, a lovely mild and dry morning, the sort of morning that you always hope for as a cyclist! I know that tomorrow morning is set to be a very different scenario with hurricane Gonzalo drifting in from the Atlantic, threatening to cause chaos around the UK during rush hour. We may not even see much of it here in the Midlands, as it sounds like the worst of it will be restricted to coastal areas, but we just never know until it gets here, although as I type this, the rain is starting to fall outside and the trees are beginning to sway slightly in the wind! Either way, I’ll need to think about how I’m going to get into work in the morning, although it does look likely that in the interests of safety I won’t be taking the bike. For some reason Tuesdays always seem to be significantly busier than any other day, and if I am taking the car then I will need to leave much earlier to avoid the traffic problems. The bike is a much more preferable option, as no matter how busy the roads are, it never affects my journey time, but if it’s going to be as windy as they say it will, then I’d rather get there alive and late, than not at all!

This evening we had the pleasure of my friend Gareth turning up to collect his wedding photos on DVD, and it was good to catch up with him. One of life’s genuinely nice guys who I don’t get to see very often now he has changed jobs. It is one thing that does frustrate me a great deal, not being able to catch up with friends as often as I’d like to. Some people we don’t see for month after month until eventually we have to start counting it in years. We have had some lovely evenings with friends over the years , food and wine and not worrying about the time, and it’s a bit sad to know that we won’t be able to repeat some of those now, as we’ve all become parents since, and so meeting up now takes a new form, such as lunch or afternoons at the park. As fortunate as we are that we have some baby sitting options, not everybody is so lucky. Next week is going to be a strange one, as we both have time off work, and yet Olivia still has her nursery days, so on one day I’ll be on my own and on another day it’ll be just myself and Clare, and the dilemma of what to do with a whole day to ourselves? Of course, we don’t have to take her into nursery that day, but she does love it there, and we’re paying for it anyway, so we may as well make the most of it! Maybe a little Christmas shopping? Who am I kidding? All my Christmas shopping is going to be done online… “Hello Amazon, yes that’s right, I’m lazy, bring everything to my door!”.


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