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The weekend inches closer and tonight may be the last chance to treat myself to a glass of wine or a beer, I need to hold back on any alcohol from tomorrow until after I’ve completed the half marathon. Today will also be the last day I cycle this week as I’ll be taking the car to work tomorrow to make sure I rest my legs for a couple of days. Regarding the bike, it actually seems a little ironic that I stayed up late last night fitting my new mud guards onto my bike and so far today not only has there been no rain, but there is also some blue sky and sunshine out there! Just typical!! I get soaked three days in a row, and today, not a drop!!

It really has been a day of not getting much done today, after getting home from work and cursing the lack of rain on my now redundant mud guards, I was quickly changed and back out the door to collect Olivia from nursery. I love the way her little face lights up when I walk into the room and her arms go up waiting for me to pick her up and the little legs start wiggling in excitement. Its such a nice feeling after the harsh reality of cycling amongst the busy traffic heading out of town who really don’t want me sharing the same piece of road as them! As has become habit, I pushed Olivia’s buggy back while carrying her in the other arm. Its only a 5 minute walk, and she is getting heavier by the day, so while maybe I am spoiling her a little, in my defence she hasn’t seen either of us all day and you really can’t beat a good cuddle from mommy or daddy. I don’t like the idea of her getting excited about seeing us, being picked up then being dumped straight back down in her buggy where she can’t even see me on the walk home!

After Olivia went to bed and our quick and simple dinner, it was time to relax and take it easy for a change, even taking in a bit of tv. Its the little things in life that make a difference at the moment. Today has been a good day. A quiet non-eventful day, and that is a good thing. There is plenty of time to be busy and active and productive with my time, but there is also a time to stop and rest and remember why you do all these things. The next couple of weeks are going to require the use of my diary to stay on top of things, and I am so glad I buy myself one each year, although never has it been quite so crucial as this year!


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