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What a day, and it’s not even over yet! Work has been challenging, but then sometimes I forget how difficult the day can actually be given the nature of the kids I work with. It is a special school after all, and I did sustain several more injuries today, mostly scratches and a close call with a biting situation, but its all good, its not a job I do for the money, I do it because I do enjoy it, and the rewards are worth putting up with the rough days! I came home feeling very tired after last nights unnecessary late night, but also feeling somewhat deflated, probably just because I am tired, and I also think its just that time of year, the shorter days and the lack of sunlight, they don’t help I’m sure! I was also a little fed up of the rain… yes, I know I am completely unprepared for the poor weather after numerous things failed on me in the summer and needed to be replaced, but they are on order and I am done with being soaked through to the skin on a daily basis! Thankfully, one of the items I ordered arrived today, my brand new mudguards! They don’t look very cool on a road bike, but for winter they are absolutely essential, and having rode with them for so long to suddenly having to ride without them, the difference is clear! Riding in the rain is one thing, but the spray from the surface water is something else! I have spent almost an hour and a half fitting them, as the “easy fit” claim on the packaging is frequently misleading, in fact I would like to see the people who make these claims actually come and fit them and show me how fast they expect me to do it!

So yet again I am late to bed, way later than I wanted, but I have a legitimate excuse this time, the mudguards being fitted were completely necessary and then I had to prepare the bread machine to get a fresh loaf ready for in the morning. I have now ticked both of those off, although I could have done them far earlier, but it is wednesday and its the once chance I get to spend and hour catching up with my friends. These days we no longer commit an entire evening to it, and end up leaving around midnight after watching action films, the early call for work and babies tends to put rest to that idea. But still, its good to see them, especially if I don’t get as much chance to go out at the weekends as I used to. I’d rather catch up in the week over a hot drink, than not at all!

Right, with my checklist ticked off, its time for me to hit the hay and hope that little madam stays asleep all night. We had such a good baby from just 9 weeks old who has recently got into a habit of waking up during the night, except for the odd occasion where she sleeps through. I am just hoping she soon slips back into her old ways!

Night all!


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