Ah Sunday morning, the one point in the week that I look forward to more than anything! Saturday night was a bit traumatic, after Clare had gone to bed I finished watching the film we’d put on and decided to put on another one as i wasn’t quite ready for bed, only a short film though as I didn’t want to be up too late, and it was just as the second withI heard the whimpers coming from upstairs, Olivia was awake and upset. She was still feeling the effects of her vaccination jabs, and was under the weather, as she had been for the last few hours, pretty much since yesterday afternoon. After much patience and many cuddles, plus some of the magic elixir that is calpol, she was eventually asleep again and even gave us the privilege of a little lie in this morning!

The main point of today for me was the inaugural Russian grand prix, and awesome race that caught me off guard when it started at 12pm rather than 1pm! I’d got the coverage on already, but wasn’t expecting the cars to line up and the lights go out when they did! We’d already arranged to have lunch with the in-laws which frustratingly now meant missing part of the race so that I could very quickly jump in the shower, and then missing another part when we headed round to the in-laws house, although thankfully the race was already on when I got there, and so I missed very little as it was only a very short journey, in fact one we could have done on foot, but the wife had the car ready so I could just jump in and miss the least amount of the race! I am so very lucky! On top of which, lunch was pretty much served up straight away when I got there, so I didn’t even have to wait for food! How good is that?!

I had previously agreed to help my friend with the allotment today, food needed digging up, as did the weeds, and after thanking the in-laws for their food and hospitality, I left for a bit of digging action… only to find his house was empty and he wasn’t even in! Talk about frustrating!! He’d totally forgot, stood me up and went for dinner with his wife and son instead. I can’t say I blame him, its a much preferable choice, but he only had to text! That left me free for a few more hours, and although I’d set my sights on heading down for a nap, I found a second wind when I got home and decided to sort out the kitchen cupboards and then get some bread baking done. It was a longish task, but now we can find everything again, and finally a lot of the out of date stuff was chucked out! Some of it was even out of date before we moved in, so I am not sure how that stuff a) got in and b) found a home!

Todays photo actually came from the garden, and I loved how the dew had settled all over the grass and plants, so I decided to capture it as this is how Sunday morning was looking for me!! The wife wondered why I had suddenly gone from dressing gown and slippers to fully dressed and running to the door with my camera in my hand, but she has learned to stop questioning now, when she knows there is a photo opportunity for me. Recently they have heavily involved the daughter, and still do continue to, but I try not to make her the sole subject of my photography. It is difficult sometimes, often there aren’t enough hours in the day for anything else, and on top of which, my little girl is growing too fast and I am desperate to try and capture at least one shot per day where I can as the changes are so rapid, and the little girl I wake up and look at one morning is suddenly gone by the next day, replaced by an even more beautiful, happier little girl! My daily photos of my daughter will continue for as long as possible, but I will always endeavour to seek out new and exciting photos for the blog… when and where I can!


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