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Friday, who doesn’t love a Friday? Pleasant weather and a pleasant days cycling to end the week, before zooming home to see my little lady and relieve the mother in law of her duty. Thankfully Olivia’s recent vaccination jabs don’t seem to have bothered her too much as she is still happy and active and eating well, which is about as much as we could ask for. It was nice to have a few cuddles in front of the tv before Clare gets home, as she gets even less time with her in the evening during the week, and she obviously wants to see Olivia as soon as she gets back. Once she was home and I’d been to the shops for some supplies for dinner, it was time to start getting little madam ready for bed, and for me to start getting the dinner ready, as we had my friend Alan popping over for a bite to eat. We’d decided to cook a chilli, which isn’t a difficult dish, but to be done properly it can’t be rushed. Alan turned up and the dinner still wasn’t ready unfortunately, but I’d got a few beers and Clare had some wine, so we all sat down and talked while dinner was cooking. It took longer than expected, but it was delicious and totally worth the wait. I’d even used one of my home grown cayenne chillies in place of chilli powder and it worked a treat, as I didn’t want it too hot this evening, especially with a big run ahead of me in the morning. It was nice to have Alan over, and as he didn’t stay too late I took advantage of this and got myself another early night.


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