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Thursday, the first day this week that I managed to cycle to work and back without getting soaked in the rain, and it was a bit of a relief. It was also the day that the nearby temporary traffic lights causing so much chaos had been changed, the four way system that was holding everyone up has finally been switched back to a standard two way system, and the traffic queues have just disappeared overnight meaning that Clare can get home from work at a normal time again, rather than missing out on valuable time with Olivia so close to her bedtime, and instead spending it with a bunch of strangers on a bus, stuck in traffic. It does make me feel quite lucky that my journey is perfectly suited to cycling and that even heavy traffic generally has little or no impact on my journey time. Even so, I made sure I was out of work on time today to collect Olivia from nursery as I’ve been getting later and later leaving, and having to get home and change very quickly and rush out of the door still dripping with sweat from my ride home. Not a good look!

The evening was a bit impromptu involving a few glasses of wine for both of us and an unplanned trip to the shops as I had a sudden desire to cook up a risotto, which meant a bit of a late dinner for us, but it was totally worth it, one of my favourite dishes and although a little time consuming, not difficult to do! My “couple of glasses” actually turned into a full bottle of red wine, and needless to say, I was ready for bed by 10pm! Normally most nights I am messing around until closer to midnight before I even consider going to bed, but I just couldn’t keep my eyes open! It was actually quite nice to be crashing out at a normal time for once. I might try it again!


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