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Well, I’ve relented… the heating has been put back on. We’ve officially got the time set for an hour in the morning. While me and Clare can drag ourselves out of bed, even if it’s a bit nippy, poor Olivia was shivering yesterday morning, and from that we know it’s time to warm things up a bit!

The house was definitely a little warmer when we got up this morning, although the heating may still be a little low, especially as the 15 day forecast suggests overnight temperatures in single figure degrees for most of the next two weeks. How accurate that is, I’m not sure, but it does point towards the fact that summer is well and truly over, and we have to be grateful for every day from here on in where the sun comes out and we feel even slightly warm without a coat on! It seems that from speaking to people, the consensus is that we’re not alone in the heating being flicked on this week, as depressing a thought as it is. I still really would like to have a log burner installed in the living room to heat things up a little over the winter without being bitch slapped by the energy companies who are at the very least consistent in their annual price rises, shortly followed by the annual profit results being up on previous year, although they claim that the two are “most definitely not connected”… err, yeah, okay sure! I know I am not alone in being angered by this sheer abuse of power by the energy companies, who oddly don’t seem to be in competition with the prices, but actually all in cahoots to make sure they all put their prices up at the same time so that consumers have little or no choice. In fact the only choice we do have is to not bow down to their bullying tactics and find an alternative, which seems to be the ever popular log burner. They aren’t cheap to buy and install, but if you can afford to do this and source cheap or even free wood (there is plenty available!) then you can very quickly make your money back and soon be in profit, enjoying low cost or even free winter heating. Now that is a concept that really pleases me! Sure we have a toddler that will be hugely intrigued by the flickering, and blissfully unaware of the dangers of a hot fire, but she will never be left alone in the room when it is burning, and we would undoubtedly have a guard in front of it anyway. As todays photo demonstrates, she is almost permanently on the move now. Long gone are the days of putting her down and being surprised if she moved anywhere, here are the days where we put her down and we’re surprised if she is still there 10 seconds later! She is moving around so fast in a combination of crawling and bum shuffling, and with her learning to stand alone, we just know that she is on the brink of walking, which I can’t lie, is making me very nervous about putting up a Christmas tree (Yes I said it! Christmas isn’t far away, get over it!) in a few weeks time!

At the moment, I am about 5 minutes from the bread machine beeping to indicate that a loaf if ready for me to take out and leave to cool overnight ready for sandwiches in the morning, then I can go to bed and hope that our little lady stays asleep all night, as we had just got her back into a normal sleeping routine, which was recently disrupted by teething. As today she was taken for her 12 month vaccination jabs, and it could well leave her feeling a bit under the weather for a few days. I am just hoping that it doesn’t wake her in the night, as a good nights sleep will not just be good for us, but also really good for her while her body adjusts and starts to fight whatever they’ve jabbed her with. To be honest, I’ve lost track of these jabs now, and this has become the wifes area of expertise. Taking her to have the jabs clearly hasn’t though, its not a nice thing to have to watch, and I have been told in no uncertain terms that next time its my problem as the wife is refusing to go through that again! I can’t say I blame her, and I wish I had more flexible hours in my job to be able to take her. We’ll just have to try and best arrange any future jabs or anything like that around my holidays!

Ooh, and in other news, I have finally signed up for this years half marathon, otherwise known as the Great Birmingham Run. I am not chasing people for sponsorship as previously where I have hounded people via facebook for the last 3 years, but I can’t run it without backing a charity, it would feel like a waste! So as all of you who are reading this get a daily update from me, without giving anything back, now is your chance! My best friends little boy was born with Cystic Fibrosis, and many years ago he would have been unlikely to make it to his first birthday. Thanks to all the research done, he is now expected to at the very least hit 40, but he deserves so much more. I certainly want him to be outliving me, so dig deep, or even just donate £1… just don’t scroll past this and ignore it. I’ll love you forever if you help me out here!

Donate at https://www.justgiving.com/Andrew-Vokes1/


3 thoughts on “281.365”

  1. We already had the heat on, then the weather turned around and we’re back to near summer highs. This means that my homebrew is fermenting at to high a temp, turning hoppy-bitterness into an estery extreme. Good luck over there!


  2. We’re still holding out on the heating for a bit longer though both my girls appear to be proper Geordies and not bothered by the cold at all and I am just wrapped in a lot of my knitted things to keep the cold out.


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