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During the week we have two morning routines, the one which ends when the mother in law arrives to take over looking after Olivia so we can leave and head to work, and then there’s the one where we have to get ready in double time to get Olivia out of the door and off to nursery. The second one has become more difficult with the recent traffic situation involving the temporary traffic lights on the major junction nearby, on the main road that carries the bulk of the traffic from this side of town into the city centre. The only way we have around this at the moment is for Clare to drop Olivia at nursery and then head home to pick the car up and drive to a bus stop beyond the traffic problems. It’s not ideal, but it has been the difference between Clare being late and Clare being on time. In reality, there’s no real reason why I can’t take Olivia to nursery instead on at least one of the two mornings she’s there, if I can get up early enough and get myself ready in time that is! Normally I am getting my cycling gear on and I head out the door with my bike, and Clare will take Olivia as she walks past the nursery to get to the bus stop anyway. Now that she is temporarily not using that bus stop because of the traffic lights, taking Olivia means a separate journey, and in theory either of us could do it.

Today just happens to be a nursery day, and Olivia really loves it when she goes! When she’s there, there are other toddlers for her to play with, and so many more activities going on that she wouldn’t get the chance to do with the grandparents. Its so nice to see her actually excited to go and it makes a huge difference to us that we can quite happily leave her each morning without her getting upset as she is so distracted by everything. It does kinda hit home how much she is growing up now, and she seems to come away from nursery looking a little bit more grown up each time. As Clare had left work early today we were both able to go down together to collect her, which was lovely, as its my favourite part of the day. Clare always takes Olivia to nursery in her pushchair, and still I never bring her back in it. I know, I am a total sucker, but I like to carry my little girl home, and just push the empty pushchair with the other hand. She loves her cuddles and I am sure after not seeing her mommy or daddy all day long, that she doesn’t really want to just be picked up and dumped in her buggy for the walk home. One day she’ll be walking and she will be to independent to want to be picked up, so I am making the most of these days while they last, I’ll miss them when they are gone!

For todays photo I wanted to grab something with a bit of an autumn feel to it, and as I was leaving work, I noticed the multi coloured leaves on the ground which were accentuated by the golden rays of sun falling across them. I was late leaving, and knowing I had to really get moving to get back and pick Olivia up, I only had time to grab a quick couple of shots and didn’t really get very artistic about it. Anyone who has been reading this for a while, and that may only be the wife for all I know, well, you’ll know how this blog has switched from being all about the photo to being mostly about the blog itself now. The photo is still very important for me, which is the reason I have continued to add one daily regardless of how late in the evening it is. I’d like to think that they will be something to look back on in the future.


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